Summary: A spin-off of the FOX hit series, “24”. This series chronicles a single day in the life of Jesus from Mark 1:16 – 39. As we watch the lifestyle that Jesus lives, we can learn how to live like him!

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0900: Learning to Walk His Walk

Series: 24: A Day in the Life of Jesus

March 19, 2006

**** “24” video clip on special ops.

I’m going to give you a opportunity to be a CTU agent today and train for a covert operation (just like the one you just saw!) This is of course a training session. Your assignment (should you choose to accept it) is to identify each of the following occupations, just by eavesdropping in on the conversations you hear around you… Are you ready? Okay, I’m going to give you an “Eavesdropping Accuracy Test”. I want you to identify for me the occupation of each of the following people by hearing only a short fragment of a sentence they’re speaking. Now for national security purposes, it’s important that you listen very closely…

Scenario #1: Imagine going into a restaurant and sitting in a booth. Behind you, you hear the following words… “Interfaces to service modules as data base handlers can be packaged using macros”

a. Computer programmer

b. Fed X delivery driver


Scenario #2: Same restaurant 1 hour later…2 more people are behind you…and one says to the other… “Spec buying has pretty much squeezed the shorts out of the action” –

a. Realtor

b. Stockbroker

c. An Underwear salesman

If you’ve ever dealt in stock market, you know that’s a ‘stockbroker’.

Scenario #3: Same restaurant 2 ½ hrs. later (the waitress is beginning to look at you strangely)… you overhear one person saying to another… “50% of the line is a facultative placement and the other 50% is on a tree with an excess loss provision of 1.2 million.” –

a. College professor

b. Tree Trimmer

c. Insurance salesman

How many of you would say he’s a Insurance salesman? You’re right!

Scenario #4: You’re on the elevator you hear one person talking to another… “He’s going to require and equilibration, before any final restoration”

a. psychiatrist

b. dentist

c. Nazi torture specialist

If you said a “Nazi torture specialist”, you’re very close. It’s actually a dentist!

How many got all 4 right so far? (some of you present a security risk to the U.S.!) It’s amazing to me how when you’re in these situations, casually eavesdropping… that you can usually come up with some pretty accurate conclusions about what a person believes, and maybe even what they do for a living. When certain phrases are said, you can tell what that persons into. Well, let me give you a few more phrases that are dead give-aways this morning… For example… when you hear a person put the words, “God” and “Damn it” together in a sentence… you can tell certain things about that person. They probably don’t have much respect for the person they’re talking to…or the person they’re talking about!

“God! Oh My God!… Oh God!”… this person probably doesn’t realize they’ve just broke one of the 10 commandments because they’re using the holy name of God as a common expression of shock and awe!

This morning and all this month we’ve been tracing a single day in the life of Jesus, so that not only we can learn how he lived… but so we can learn how to live the same way. If this morning you call yourself a ‘disciple’ or a ‘follower’ of Jesus Christ…

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