Summary: Legalization Of Drugs Won't Usher In A Utopian State

In an article on dope legalization appearing in the 2/28/95 edition of the Diamondback, one of the paper's columnists abandoned sound conservative principles for the drug-induced hallucinations of libertarianism.

While sounding wonderful and imminently logical on paper, many of these ideas don’t fly in the real world because man is innately evil and doesn’t always rationally select from his menu of options.

According to the principles of the social contract as elaborated by philosophers like John Locke, each of us takes on responsibilities and limits certain so-called freedoms in order to enjoy the protections that human society renders to us such as protections from marauders from within as well as without.

Drugs are one of the threats to society falling within the marauder category. Maggots in our own cities feed off the broken lives of the innocents who haven’t even ingested these Satanic potions as is the case of residents of these ghettos who fall prey to gunfire and robbery.

As this scum destroys America from within, outsiders seek their own role to play in this conspiracy. Columbian and Mexican cartels seek to line their pockets through American decadence and Red China sponsors related activities in order to gain an edge in the never ending struggle between freedom and tyranny. Even stoned Libertarians will have to agree to the preservation of the American way of life and institutions.

However, the Diamondback columnist is correct in pointing out that some maneuvers in the drug war reek of outright despotism. No plausible explanation can be given for restricting the legitimate use of private property. On that point, Libertarians and Conservatives will agree.

Governments often squander valuable resources harassing the law-abiding because its agents realize that, unlike narcoterrorists, Joe Citizen doesn’t usually shoot back. At least not yet anyways.

But giving up on the Drug War is like not confronting Communism because of what happened during the McCarthy hearings. You merely alter tactics; you don’t surrender.

Contrary to Libertarian theorists, the legalization of drugs won’t end crime and usher in the Millennial Kingdom. Instead, drug crimes will merely alter form.

Addicts may no longer rob to obtain money, but no doubt incidents of spousal abuse will increase along with the murder of offspring. Many of these felons will no doubt then have their atrocities excused on the half-baked notion that they weren’t cognizant of their actions.

Often to support their arguments, the pro-legalization crowd points to alcohol as, shall we say, a model drug. Upon closer inspection, this point in many instances stabs the Libertarian in the back and ends up supporting the Conservative argument.

While alcohol may be legal, this does not mean that the heartache afflicted by the drug has been somehow alleviated. Bruised spouses, beaten toddlers, and those maimed by alcohol related accidents testify to the truth that the fool doesn’t consider others when bringing about his own destruction.

One reason behind drug laws is not whether or not we have the right to destroy ourselves, but rather that we don’t have the right to endanger the lives and property of those not choosing to engage in our irresponsible behavior.

Furthermore, if Libertarians want to maintain their platform of opposition to coercive taxation and the entangling vines of government, they must answer the question why must I pay for an addict who cannot get his fill of nose candy simply because it is his right to indulge?

One of the appropriate powers of government is to protect the lives and property of those who have contracted with a legitimate political entity to provide for defined enumerated services. A government that refuses to fulfill these functions will expend more resources in illegitimate functions that endanger American liberty like excessive taxation and intrusive social welfare.

This Conservative author will admit to his intellectual compatriots in the Libertarian movement that destroying one's finite number of brain cells defies clear thinking. However, individuals seeing those around them in the hallucinatory forms of spooks and demons won't be operating under the principles of Adam Smith as expounded in The Wealth Of Nations or other forms of rational choice theory.

Frederick Meekins.

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