Summary: As Legion is cleansed of his many demons, so may we be cleansed of modern day demons by relying on God and telling the story of our faith journey.

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Luke 8: 26 – 39 / Legion

Intro: Imagine that you are walking in the cemetery here in Georgetown to get some exercise. Suddenly, you come upon a naked man who is running toward you waving his arms and screaming at the top of his voice. What would you do? ---- Point and laugh? / Turn and run the other way? / Hide behind the biggest tombstone you could find? / Whip out your cell phone and dial 911? / Never walk in the cemetery again.

I. VS. 27 This verses introduce us to just such a man. A naked man, possessed by demons, living in the cemetery.

A. This was NOT the typical person who came to Jesus for healing – naked – crazy – unclean.

B. Perhaps you feel like you are being torn apart by many “demons” --- Have you ever thought to yourself, “Lord, I can’t handle another burden.” Or “I can’t stand this anymore!” Or “Why me, Lord?” People saying, “God never gives you more than you can handle” just isn’t helpful!!!!!

C. VS. 28 – The man recognized Jesus and begged him not to torment or torture him. / Have you ever been at the point where you thought God was torturing you?

II. VSS. 29 – 31 Kept under guard / driven to the wilderness / My name is Legion.

A. A legion is a division of the Roman army of about 5 – 6K – suggesting multiple personalities – caused by some severe trauma.

B. It was believe that knowing the name of the demons gave you power over them / they try to bargain with Jesus in Verse 31

C. Demonic possession drives a person away from God and alienates them from others.

III. Do we recognize demonic possession in our world today? Does it exist? How does it manifest itself? ADDICTION IS THE GREATEST DEMON THAT POSSESS MANY TODAY and it takes many forms.

A. Materialism – We are what we own, what we wear, the car we drive, how our children are dressed. You are important according to what you possess or have accumulated. We fly through life believing “He who dies with the most toys wins.”

B. abusive relationships – people are told they are worthless, of no value other than to satisfy the twisted needs of the abuser. --- To confront the abuser takes unbelievable courage; but, God created us worthy of love and respect.

C. These are just two of the addictive demons that can possess us. Those demons can be cast out just like the many demons that possessed Legion. VS. 35 – 37 – fear keeps us chained to our demons.

Conclu: VSS 38 - Legion wants to stay with Jesus; but, he is sent back home! The hardest place to keep it together is “HOME” because that is where the “ILLNESS” / the “DEMON POSSESSION” began. Legion is not just sent home. He is sent home with a purpose. That purpose is found in verse 39 “Return to your home, AND declare how much God has done for you.”

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