Summary: It is the eternal soul, given by God, that is the subject of today’s study. We want to very briefly see the effect of Spiritual Maturity on three aspects of the soul – Mentality, Volition and Conscience.

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Psychology (personal) = The emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual, a group, or an activity; Subtle tactical actions or arguments used to manipulate or influence another.

Our minds, do not have

a psychology

of their own.

The personal psychology of each individual or group must be developed!! This is accomplished though events, information, opinions and actions of others, a deliberate plan, etc.., OR a combination of all those. That psychology then becomes the controlling factor of our minds.

We have been looking at "Mind Control" from the perspective of personal holiness, our function within the Body of Christ and in particular our inter-reaction within the local body. As we have examined this subject of "Mind Control", our concentration has been on the vast subject of "Spiritual Maturity".

If we are "Spiritually Mature", our minds will be controlled by Holy Spirit as He directs our thoughts through the truths of the Word of God. THEN instead of events, opinions of others, etc. being the dominate factors in our personal psychology, we will see and respond to these factors as directed by the Word of God, administered in our lives by the Holy Spirit and our personal psychology will be developed through the "mind of Christ".

For this study, I picked 5 areas that are needed if we are to move into the realm of "Spiritual Maturity":

(1) Spiritual Understanding and Comprehension

(2) Spiritual Discernment

(3) Spiritual Perseverance

(4) Spiritual Humility

(5) Spiritual Responsibility and Commitment

We can’t take the time to review the first four. If these areas are a little fuzzy in your thinking or you missed a lesson or two, may I urge you to get the first 8 lessons and go over them again ( As a matter of fact, it would be good to have and review those lesson even if you do remember hearing them.

This 5th trait of "Spiritual Maturity"

will not

be a reality unless the first 4 traits are active in your life

There are some who are very "responsible" and are extremely "committed" to their job, marriage, etc. That’s GOOD and should be!!! HOWEVER, an unsaved person can be "responsible" and "committed", but such actions would in no way constitute "Spiritual Responsibility and Commitment".

Over the next few lessons, I trust we can clearly see the distinction between the human and the Spiritual concept of responsibility and commitment. Knowing that difference and living in that difference will make the difference whether this church, or any church exists as a Spiritual entity or just another religious club. That is a lot of "differences", BUT what a difference it will make when we know the reality of those differences.

Number 5 is not a trait of maturity which is more important than the other four, BUT number 5 is more visible than the other four. We could even say that the first four are a preparation for and a prerequisite to properly experiencing the fifth.

During our study, we have "pigeonholed" or segmented the subject of "Spiritual Maturity". In reality, maturity is not segments but instead a whole.

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