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Lesson 3: Mistakes Because of Fear

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Mar 12, 2010

Summary: How to respond to mistakes and failures and be a success.

a. God does not begin with condemnation.

b. Questions make us examine ourselves.

c. Questions motivate us to action.

5. God’s direction is not in the extraordinary, but in “a still small voice” (19:12).

6. God usually gives us a job to break our depression. “Go . . . anoint Hazael king over Syria . . . Jehu, king over Israel . . . and Elisha to be prophet in thy room” (19:16).


1. Fear is usually greater than our circumstances, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

2. Don’t run away, run toward God.

3. Look after your physical strength when you feel spiritually defeated.

4. Listen for God’s question, “What doest thou here? (19:9, 13).

5. Remember God won’t answer your prayer in defeat. “He requested from himself to die” (19:4).

6. Find strength in God’s word, “A still small voice” (19:12).

7. Break despondency by going to work (19:15-16).

8. When God doesn’t answer, He may have something better!

God had a chariot and whirlwind in Elijah’s future.

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