Summary: Here’s a message for the Labor Day weekend. The story of how a Dad helps his son illustrates how God helps us with our tasks.

Lesson #3


· These folk didn’t realize that their names

would be preserved in Scripture for eternity.

They didn’t know that I would use them as examples

for you folks at ____ Church on Labor Day Weekend

in the year _____!

We won’t find many of these names anywhere else !

If they were not recorded here,

we’d have no knowledge of them --

but God still would!

· When you labor and it seems that nobody notices,

who cares if they notice or not?

We must remember two things:

#1 What we do for the eyes of men and approval

brings only a temporary recognition and reward.

#2 What we do for the Lord’s eyes and His approval

will never be forgotten!

I may forget or overlook your works,

but you can remember what Hebrews 6:10 says:

"For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints.".

God doesn’t require that we be successful.

But He does require that we be faithful:

· Stick to the job when quitting would be easier.

· Do the work even if nobody notices

or praises or thanks you.

· Keep serving even if you think

you’re doing more than your fair share.

· Refuse to allow any other attraction

to shift you from loyalty to Jesus Christ.


Little Stevie Works had done all he could do.

And when he could do no more,

he dropped the heavy armload of books.

Without a word,

his Dad picked up the load of books,

put them into Stevie’s arms

and scooped up both Stevie and the books into his arms.

They continued that way load after load,

until the last book had been put in its place in the study.

When we are faithful,

and when the job is just too much for us to accomplish,

and even when we fail in doing our work

God remembers our work,

and recognizes our weakness.

That’s when He takes us up into His arms

to complete the job with and through us.

Not in our own strength, but in His.

Today, whoever you are,

whatever you’ve done,

however you may have failed in the past,

Jesus calls you to His service.

He calls you to serve within His church.

He wants you to put your hands to work for Him...

to invest your time in a work that lasts.

And all who hear, and who believe,

will humbly, faithfully, diligently put Him first

and follow Him.

Would you be one who would put your hands to work?

Would you be one who,

believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,

would follow Him?

Then step out and let us all know that

as we sing our hymn of invitation.

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Charles Wilson

commented on Aug 31, 2015

Great Labor Day message. It gave me some great ideas to share with seniors in a nursing home. They need to be reminded that there work will not be forgotten,

E L Zacharias

commented on Sep 1, 2018

Where's Christ Jesus in this sermon? To fix this, the author could shorten the reading and remove redundancies and point out that all of our building and our labor is all in vain without God (Psalm 127:1). God allowed Jerusalem to be rebuilt; he called Nehemiah for the task and allowed the many talented people to do this task together. Not unlike our church ___, in which we all have a part, into which we are called, in which we have our salvation, in Jesus' name. *. Happy Labor Day.

David Rigg

commented on Sep 2, 2018

My congregation hears about Jesus every Sunday. This sermon is for Labor Day Weekend to emphasize the need for more people who don't simply sit in church each Sunday and do nothing for the church and for Jesus!

E L Zacharias

commented on Sep 1, 2018

BTW, the reference of Hebrews 6:10 is a good one, reminding the hearer that our work in Christ is not forgotten. However, don't push this beautiful verse into the Law category, where the hearer is led to believe that it is our faithfulness that saves. (Wow, one more thing I have to do to get to heaven!) No. It is God who is faithful and who saves us by faith. He carries us along. He will not forget our labor, because he has not forgotten us. He is like that dad who is carrying both the books and the boy. (So, don't separate yourself from your own illustration, which illustrates Gospel.)

David Rigg

commented on Sep 2, 2018

Revelation 2:10

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