Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a funeral sermon that illustrates three lessons that can be learned from Death.

I. Introduction

II. The First Lesson is the Frailty of the Human Body. (1-4)

a. Paul writes that the body is simply a temporary dwelling place.

III. The Second Lesson is the Faithfulness of God. (5-8)

a. Paul tells of his eagerness to be with the Lord.

b. God is Faithful to be there when we are absent from the body.

IV. The Third Lesson is the Fruitfulness of Life. (9-10)

a. Though we may be eager to be with the Lord, we should live our lives to please God.

V. Conclusion

a. Though Death is a time for mourning, it is also a time for rejoicing.

b. For we know that Death teaches us

i. The Frailty of the Body

ii. The Faithfulness of God

iii. And the Fruitfulness of Life.

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