Summary: Through the life of Joseph, men today can learn several lessons about how to be a good father. These lessons include living a life full of faithfulness, willingness, and obedience.

Lessons from Joseph

Father's Day 2011

Matthew 1 and 2

1. A Father is Righteous (1:18-25)

- Before Joseph was with Mary, he was righteous in upright living

- In order to righteous, we must seek it and desire it

-- Matt 5:6 - Hunger and Thirst ...

-- Matt 6:33 - Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom ...

- Joseph lived before God upright

- Because he was righteous, God sent an angel to him (fear not)

- This angel gave a preview of God's eternal plan

-- It is God's joy to reveal these things

- Righteousness leads us to be willing ...

2. A Father is Willing (2:13-15)

- After Jesus was born; Herod was afraid of him taking over

- There was certain death in store for Jesus and all those under 2yrs old

- Because of his faith, Joseph again was visited by an angel (no fear)

- As a father, Joseph was willing to relocate his family for

-- Protection

-- Faithfulness

-- Obedience

- Its not always easy to follow God's prompting

- When God moves; we must GO (go to Isa 1:19)

-- Military moves

-- Ministry moves

-- Attitude and Humbleness to Him affects our willingness

3. A Father is Obedient (2:29-23)

- When God directs we have to go

- Because Joseph obeyed in v13, God rewarded his family with protection

- This protection was sovereign

-- Fulfilled scripture; delivered the promise (Nazarene)

- God's promise is always perfect

-- Rom 8:28, "... all things God works for the good of those who love him ..."

- If we are obedient; the outcome is perfect

- Notice that throughout; Joseph is not recorded as speaking

-- There is no arguing, no disagreeing ... just followership

- His action is clear ... FOLLOW!

-- Actions speak louder than words


- God calls men into three things, all of which He demonstrated too:

1. Righteous (the gift of Christ gives us righteousness)

2. Willing (God was willing to give us His Son)

3. Obedience (Even to the death, we must obey Him as Christ did)

- Father's Day allows us to honor our Dad's

- But its also a chance to honor our Heavenly Father

- Would we change our will to follow His?

- Joseph moved his entire family several times without complaining

- Why? He lived in total obedience ... So, can we do the same?

- Pray

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