Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series


I. Introduction

A. Shortly after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He came to the home of Mary, Martha, & Lazarus in Bethany for a supper.

B. It was at this supper that Mary poured out an expensive ointment on the feet of Jesus to anoint Him, wiping it with the very hair of her head.

C. We learn that Judas Iscariot asked why this had not been sold rather and the money given to the poor, but Jesus knew his wicked heart.

D. In vs. 9-11, we have an interesting passage that I would like to expound upon - They reveal some lessons for the Christian in regard

to how others view us.

II. An Irresistible Attraction

A. Lazarus was an irresistible attraction for he had been raised from the dead.

B. As believers, are WE irresistible as evidence of God’s Word?

C. Obviously, we have not been raised from the dead physically, but the Bible teaches that Christians have been raised spiritually.

D. 2 Things That Made Lazarus Attractive

1. Lazarus had been brought to Life (Eph. 2:1)

2. Lazarus was with Jesus (vs. 2)

E. Peter wrote in 1 Pet. 2:9 that we are a "Peculiar People". Explain how peculiar people Attract, while odd people repel.

F. As we spend more time with Jesus, we too will begin to attract

others to Jesus as did Lazarus.

G. The responsibility of the believer is not to see people saved, it is to be a witness and sow the seed - It is God who SAVES!!

H. Having been made alive and having spent time with Jesus, others too will come to be attracted to the Lord.

III. A Threat to Unbelievers

A. The 2nd characteristic of Lazarus that teaches us a lesson is that he became a threat to unbelievers. (vs. 10-11)

B. In the case of Lazarus - the unbelievers were the chief priests of the nation of Israel; In our lives, do others view us as a threat to them?

C. 2 Ways Lazarus Posed a Threat:

1. Politically (Threat to their way of life)

2. Theologically (Sadducees did not believe in resurrection)

D. If the Sadducees did not act quickly, then both their power and their influence in teaching others would slip away.

E. My friend, the same thing will often occur to Christians - there may be times when you too will lose a friend, or when people view you as a threat because of your witness.

F. Jesus taught his disciples this very principle - "He never hides His

scars to win diciples."

IV. A Blessing to Many

A. There is one important lesson we need to conclude with - Though Lazarus was an attraction to all; though he did pose a threat to some; he became a blessing to many!

B. There is no greater joy in the world than to see a soul saved from hell! There is no greater calling, no greater vocation, than to work for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

C. Read vs. 11 - Can This Be Said of YOU???

D. We need to pray that God will make us a blessing to others!

E. Jude 20-23 / Ezek. 22:30 - READ

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