Summary: There are some lessons from Lot’s choice that we can apply into our daily living.

The choice of Lot:

I. The Excellence of Lot’s Choice

1. Beautiful land

2. Productive

3. Suggestive - luxurant plains of Egypt

II.The Drawbacks of Lot’s Choice

1. Bad neighbors

2. Moral contamination

3. Bitter sorrow

III. The Sinfulness of Lot’s Choice

1. Avaricious in its origin

2. Selfish in its character

3. Dangerous in its nature


1. All is not gold that glitters

2. The envy man’s lot there is a crook

3. It is possible to pay to dear in price for material prosperity. "What shall a man profit if...?"

4. It is a poor outcome of priety and self interest

5. The selfish spirit is certain overreach itself and accomplish its own ruin.

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