Summary: Palm Sunday message that plays out like a great movie.

Lessons Jesus donkey taught us

John 12:12-19

Introduction- Turn with me to John chapter 12


Father, Help us to reflect on Palm Sunday and Jesus coming into Jerusalem to finish his mission and then move toward the celebration of Easter as believers to thank the Lord for all He does for us. Today work in us and through us, allow your spirit to fill us to overflowing with your love for you and for each other.

We are in the days of the Passion Week - From Palm Sunday through Holy week, we see the last days of Jesus life before the death and celebration of the Resurrection. I would invite you this week if you can to be a part of the services and allowing the Lord to speak to your heart.

This week brings with it

Days of compassion

Time of popularity and praise

Day of prayer

Conflict/ relational issues

A Time of reflection

A day of betrayal/violence


A Time of darkness

Day of resurrection

It has all the elements of a great movie.

We pick up the text this morning as Jesus has gained popularity with the people and hatred among the Pharisee’s.

The people thought He was the answer to their oppression with Rome and the Pharisee’s hatred Him as a blasphemer of God who said that He was the Son of God and He was the Savior that has been prophesied about.

As John Chapter 11 records people were following Jesus because he had just raised Lazarus from the dead and watching his miracles with signs and wonders.

They followed Jesus, praising what they believed he was about to do to save the people from Rome.

The high priest hated it so much that they actually had plans to kill Lazarus so people would stop believing in Him.

Caiaphas, the high priest says “What are we accomplishing?” “Here is a man performing many signs. If we let him go on like this, everyone will believe in him, and then the Romans will come and take away both our temple and our nation.”

John 12:12-19

This was an old time ticker tape parade!

They were acknowledging Jesus coming into Jerusalem.

They had Palms waving and shouting going on- excited that they might get a good look at Jesus coming down the road.

People throwing garments down


“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

“Blessed be the king of Israel.”

Then Jesus rides in on a donkey! Can you imagine? They must have been devastated.


When I was a kid, Sal Bando, the third basemen for the Oakland A’s came to play when the White Socks actually played some of their games in Milwaukee before the Brewers came. I was excited and waited after the game for an autograph and to see him. You had to wait outside and after they showered and leaving the park they would sign some autographs. Sal Bando came out of the locker room with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and signing autographs. That was such a letdown for me because I so much wanted to be a baseball player and that was not the picture of the role model I had created in my mind.

This must have been how they felt when they saw the would be king of Israel, the one that was suppose to defeat the Roman Army and stop the oppression. Showing up riding on a donkey.

A Stallion- white or black. Big majestic, well groomed, bigger than life. Maybe.

Even a chariot that he took away from Roman soldier.

The first public acknowledgement of Jesus the Messiah cannot be on a donkey- but it is.

They didn’t like it but it was the fulfillment of prophecy.

First of all, Jesus is not going to do what we want, He will do what the Heavenly Father wants.

Second, Makes me think that if Jesus the Messiah was humbled by coming on a donkey, maybe we ought to get off our high horse! Amen.

Third, If Jesus can use a donkey, there is hope for us too Amen! I am just crazy enough to believe that Jesus took such time for preparation of everything He did, that maybe we ought to have some preparation time for what He would want to do with us.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey because it was a fulfillment of prophecy.

“Do not be afraid, Daughter Zion,

see, your king is coming,

seated on a donkey’s colt.”

Preparation right down to the donkey-

Last year in July when we had our Community Day, we had all kinds of animals around to pet and one was a donkey. It was a foal that was being trained to be around people and his purpose was to take Jesus into Jerusalem for the Passion play this Easter. Last week I got to see the play and that donkey brought Jesus into Jerusalem- I knew the donkey that brought Jesus into Jerusalem. I had petted him and we were buddies! I helped walk him around the church.

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