Summary: Did you ever notice what the word impossible starts with, that’s right you guessed it, I’m? If we want to get to all that God has possible for us, we have to remove the I’m, the I part of the equation. And realize, a little can turn into a lot

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Let Go of the "Little" you have!

As I was going through the week, this week. I came upon the old hymn, called “Little is much when God is in it.”

1. In the harvest field now ripened

There’s a work for all to do;

Hark! the voice of God is calling

To the harvest calling you.

3. Does the place you’re called to labor

Seem too small and little known?

It is great if God is in it,

And He’ll not forget His own.

5. When the conflict here is ended

And our race on earth is run,

He will say, if we are faithful,

"Welcome home, My child well done!"


Little is much when God is in it!

Labor not for wealth or fame.

There’s a crown and you can win it,

If you go in Jesus’ Name.

As I listen to it over many times, it really got me thinking. About how little time, we as Christians, Gods Sons and Daughters really give to God.

Is it just me, or have you noticed how little time there is now a days.

I’m sure you’ve heard more than one person say, boy, where has this year gone?

And that’s the truth of it , isn’t it?

Where has the time gone, so much to do, so little time to do it in.

Technology has gone totally crazy, new gadgets come on the market before we have even figured out the stuff, the old ones can do.

The phone companies let you do early upgrades on your 2 yr. agreements, because they can’t wait, to get to your next 2 yr agreement.

Next thing you know, you’ve had a cell phone for 20 yrs. And never fully fulfilled one agreement.

Everything is affected by the amount of time we have and give, to our families and friends and especially to the Lord.

On most of our calling packages, we want the bells and whistles and most importantly unlimited minutes.

With God, we have unlimited access, but choose to limit the time we give and spend with Him,

We come to church, or maybe give God 2-3 hrs. out of a 168 hr. week, but yet expect amazing results and blessings for the time we do spend.

If there ever was a minimum investment, with maximum results, that would be it!

God gives so much to us, and in comparison we give so little in return!

Makes you think twice, about the saying, the more you give, the more you get!

As we think about what lies ahead for us, the trials, testing, and tasks we face, both in our church and personal lives,

often we become enamored with the daily things, and that’s just what they are, things!

They come and they go and sooner or later, everyone comes to the realization that, this to shall soon pass and the sooner you give it over to God and get out of the way, the sooner it does!

Call it what you want, I call it drama and Gods people, really shouldn’t have so much drama, but you see

The accuser will use whatever He can, to keep you occupied with life, so you will forget what matters the most,

Do you notice the key word here, you become occupied, you will this, you can do that, you, you, you.

Enough already, with what were capable of, for most of us, what were capable of has got us where we are in life.

And if that was where everyone wanted to be, more people would walk around saying, “it’s a Wonderful Life”

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