Summary: As Christians that last thing we need to be is ashamed, especially about what our savior has done for us.

Let Me Not be Ashamed

Psalm 31:1-24


The Psalmist is engaging in prayer before the Lord here. As he pours out his heart, it becomes clear that he is going through a difficult time spiritually. His prayer is for the Lord not to fail him. His desire is to be vindicated in the presence of his enemies.

As I read these words, I see in them more than a plea for help. I also see a statement of faith. This man speaks of several areas of his spiritual life that you and I need to consider this evening. His desire is for help from God, my desire is to show you the areas of life mentioned in which we should never be ashamed. Let’s notice these truths as we think on the thought, “Let me not be ashamed!”

We all know what it is to be ashamed. Webster defines the word as, “feeling shame, guilt, or disgrace; feeling inferior or unworthy.” We all know what being ashamed means, not from a textbook definition, but because we have all experienced times in life when we have been ashamed. And, certainly, there are things about us of which everyone ought to be ashamed. By the same token, there are some things related to our relationship with God of which we should never be ashamed! That is what I want to share with you tonight. So, let’s look at the thought, “Let me never be ashamed!”

I. To Possess Him (vv. 3a, 5, 14b, 16)

a. He is “MY” God!

b. It is not a sign of weakness to express a need for God!

c. He is our source of Strength, Comfort, Security, and Refuge

II. To Profess Him (vv. 1, 14)

a. If you possess Him, you need to profess Him!

b. Not ashamed of people knowing that I am a Christian

c. Hold your head high and proudly tell the world that Jesus is yours.

III. To Pray to Him (vv. 2, 17, 22)

a. Not a sign of weakness, a demonstration of power!

b. The real weakling is that person who thinks he can handle it himself

c. Prayer is the Christian’s greatest resource!

i. It opens the bank of Heaven and unlocks the power of God in our lives

ii. Use it liberally

iii. There are 2 areas of life where we need to be liberals

1. One is in the area of giving

2. The other is in the area of prayer

d. Jesus Promised to:

i. Hear us (Jer. 33:3; 1 John 5:15)

ii. Help us (John 16:23-24; Ps. 27:4; James 4:2)

IV. To Praise Him (vv. 4, 7, 21)

a. We have much to praise Him for (Salvation, no hell, Heaven, needs, Holy Spirit, the Word of God, etc.)

b. We are commanded to praise God

c. It is our duty – Do not be ashamed!

V. To Present ourselves to Him (v. 4, 5, 7b, 9, 20)

a. Not worthy to enter His presence as I am, but through the blood of Jesus I am declared worthy!

b. Present Myself Now, in service

c. Present my self in Heaven – Unashamed, because of what Jesus did

d. We aren’t much this evening, but through the blood of Jesus we will be able to present ourselves before him in Heaven.

i. We will have every right to be there.

VI. To Prescribe Him (vv. 23-24)

a. He is the cure for the disease of sin!

i. The Gospel is healing medicine for every sick soul

b. We must tell others about Him

c. Never be ashamed to witness.

i. Be proud of who you are, whose you are, and tell others how they can become that also.

d. Tell the lost


So tonight as we prepare to depart, let’s not be ashamed. But let us walk proudly with a smile on our faces praising, presenting, and prescribing our Lord to the world.

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