Summary: Don’t worry about it! God is in control!


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John 14:1

(1) Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

The New Millenium is nearly upon us.

Many of people today are afraid of what could happen.

· Planes could crash

· Power companies could go down

· The loss of running water

· Entire life savings be lost due to computer error

All kinds of possibilities of bad things could happen

But I’m here to remind us of Jesus’ words.

He said, "Let not your heart be troubled."

I’m not worried about the future.

In fact, to me, the future looks pretty bright.

You see, my trust is:

· Not in computers

· Not in man

· Not in this country

But my trust is in the Lord!

Thank God, 4years-2months-20 days-3hours and about a half, I put my trust in the Lord!

You see, no matter what happens

during this whole "Y 2 K" phenomenon,

Jesus is soon coming back.

Let not your heart be troubled!

We just celebrated Jesus birthday last week during Christmas.

Why not let’s celebrate his return as Year 2000 approaches?

We just celebrated his First Coming, now let’s celebrate his Second Coming!

What could be greater?

Don’t get down and upset about this Year 2000 thing.

Just remember, no matter what happens, Jesus is soon coming back.

Let not your heart be troubled…

Rev. James W. Bryant

Preached on

Wednesday Evening 12-29-99

@ Dillon CH Church

copyright by James W. Bryant

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