Summary: A fellowship that honors God is a fellowship that is centered around and sanctioned upon communal love and harmony one with another.

It’s obvious to anyone that has ever read this psalm, that the theme that leaps very obviously at one that is interwoven throughout the fabric of the verses of this short Psalm is the theme of unity. It is believed that this Psalm was written on or for the occasion of the nation’s coming together at the coronation of David becoming the King of both the southern and the northern kingdoms of Israel. Up until this point there had been what is called by scholars the Divided Monarchy. In other words, the people of Israel have now split; and there is the northern kingdom and there is the southern kingdom. David, in 2nd Samuel, around chapter 2, has already become the king of Judah. And now he comes to be crowned the king of Israel, thus becoming the unifying king and once again unifying Israel. And it is the believed that the writing of this Psalm was not only to celebrate what God had done in the kingship of David; but it is believed that David wrote this Psalm ALSO instructively to his sons, who had become antagonistic towards each other. If you remember—Absolom murdered Amon; Adonijah tried to thwart Solomon’s ascension to the throne. And it is believed that David writes this Psalm, not only as a celebration of his coronation in unifying the kingdom; but that he writes this Psalm as a father filled with wisdom, writing it to his sons who are family but acting like their enemies. And this Psalm teaches us that there is power in unity. It suggests that unity produces an atmosphere and ambiance by which the anointing of God can flow. The anointing of God cannot flow where there is strife, division or backbiting. When the people of God begin to walk in unity, then the Spirit of God can begin to move. And when the Spirit of God begins to move, things begin to happen.

• When the Spirit of God begins to move…

o Lives will be transformed

o Sickness and disease will be healed

o Shackles will be broken

When the Spirit of God is allowed the freedom to move, then there is nothing that cannot be broken in the body of Christ.

And this is major thought because what that means is—the reason more miracles may not take place, MIGHT not be because of a lack of faith. But it MIGHT be because of a lack of unity. If there is one thing that needs to return to the church, it is the message of unity. God has called us to work TOGETHER.

• You nor I alone do a kingdom make.

I’m not a kingdom and you are not a kingdom. God has not made any of us to function alone without the necessity of other people in our lives. God has not made us GOOD enough to where we don’t need other people to be connected to us in order for us to flow in who God made us to be. I don’t care if my title is Reverend, Doctor, Deacon, Bishop or Potentate, God has not made ME anointed enough to make a church what is SHOULD be without the connection of other people. It takes unity!!!

He has not made us to function alone. YOU AND I NEED RELATIONSHIPS!!! And we need to understand today the concept of unity. Because in this modern day church, particularly in an age of the mega church era, you run the risk of simply being a collection of strangers that show up at the same place for their own reasons on a given Sunday; and when it’s over we go to our separate lives as we’ve never been there together. And one of the dangers of becoming a clique-ish church is that you run the risk of losing the necessary intimacy that it takes to be connected to each other in order to flow in each other’s lives.

- Tragically, the reason some people go to big crowds is so they can get lost in anonymity. Because they don’t want anybody to know their business. When, in reality, you ought to be in the church to be free to let people know what you’re going through, because you trust that the people there will pray for you when times get rough.

• Unity is the greatest GIFT you and I can give to the Spirit.

o My preaching is not the greatest gift

o Unity is greater than preaching

o Unity is greater than singing

o Unity is greater than vision

o Unity is greater than ministry

o Unity is greater than activity

o Unity is greater than all of the buildings you can come up with

o Unity is greater than any preacher, any deacon, any staff, any trustee, any member or any usher.

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