Summary: This message contains instruction for building up the local church that may be in need of revival. Apply To Infected Area.

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The background for this message comes from chapter 1&2

(1) The Proclamation Of The King. (Neh. 2:6).

"It pleased the King to send me."

(A) The Autority

(a) The word of a king

(b) He went out in the name of the King.

(B) The Application

(a) The World asks by what authority? (Acts 5:29.)

(b) When Peter was asked ,"weren’t you told not to teach in that name of Jesus."

Peter answered, "We ought to obey God rather than men."

(Ill.) I was giving a speech in a public speaking class in college, when the instructor took issue with my statement concerning the sin of homosexuality. What I said was, "Homosexuals would find their place in the Lake of Fire, that their sin was damnable." When I was asked where I got that information?, I replied," from God’s word." The teacher then instructed me that I could not use the Bible as a resource for his class. I let him know that the Bible is the only word that really matters, that long after he and I were gone the Word of God will still be alive. Fail me if you like, but I’ll get a passing grade from my heavenly Father."

(2) Provision Of The King (Neh.2:8).

(A) Speaks of Authority

(a) We Are Given What Is Needed (Phil.4:13).

(b) Going Forth To Labor

(B) Speaks Of Assurance

(a) Where He Leads He Provides, (1Kings 17:2-4).

(b) We Are Encouraged By His Presence. read (Deut.31:6)

(3) Preparation For The Work (Neh.2:11-16).

(A) They Surveyed The Difficulties. read (2Tim.3:12).

(B). No Blessings Without Burdens.

(a) We Must Settle On A Decision

(b) He Counted The Cost (Luke 14:28-30.)

(c) His Choice Was Changeless Read This (Acts 20:23-24)

(4) Personnel That Is Needed (Neh.2:17-18).

(A) There Was A Cause

(a) The Walls Were Broken

(b) What Once Was A Thing Of Beauty Was Now A Reproach!

(c) Think About This: The restored remnant had been back in Judea for 90 years, and the walls were yet broken. What they not done in 90 years, Nehemiah and his laborers did in a matter of weeks.

(d) We’re not just rebuilding a church house, but we are repairing broken relationships with family and friends.

It will Take A Combined Effort On The Part Of All Of Us

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