Summary: A lesson on Giving. God requires us to give of our lives, time and money let us do so as God would have us to do; both cheerfully and liberally.

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Let’s be a “Liberal” Church

2 Corinthians 9:6-11

Thesis: God requires us to give of our lives, time and money let us do so as God would have us to do; both cheerfully and liberally.


I. God requires us give.

A. 1st we give our lives to God by faith in His son through baptism Romans 6:3-7, 11-14

B. 2nd we give of our time Matthew 25:31-46

C. 3rd we give our Money 1 Cor. 16:2

II. People today don’t like to talk about personal finances

A. A taboo subject

B. No one knows what each other makes

C. No one discusses their giving to the church - “It’s between me and God”

III. This is not a popular subject

A. However God has made the advancement of his cause dependent upon Money

B. When we aren’t giving liberally to the Lord’s church then we are hindering the spreading of the borders of the Kingdom of God

C. Giving Money is one of our five Acts of Worship

D. Equal to Prayer; Preaching; Singing; Lords’ supper in the fact that we cannot worship God acceptably if we aren’t giving right

IV. Are you giving God what is Left or what is Right?

Let’s look at our giving with an open mind and be prepared to receive what the bible teaches about giving.

Giving More Than a Tenth:

V. Are Christians bound to tithe or give 10%?

A. No where in the NT do we find the doctrine of tithing or giving 10%

B. Not even the Jews gave 10%

1. They gave MORE!

2. Jews gave three tithes

a. Two every year

b. one every three years

c. Additional “free will” offerings

d. annual claim of the first fruits

e. others

3. A devout Jew gave at least 30% of his total earning to God!

a. figure your percentage

b. Do you measure up to the giving of the Jews?

c. Does all this really matter?

d. No, the NT does not teach tithing.

C. It teaches to those who were already accustomed to giving 30% to give liberally!

D. Give generously in light of the fact that they had been freed from the Old Law of sin and death and received salvation

E. Give liberally knowing . . .

“Christ gave his head to the crown of thorns.

His back to the scourge of the whip.

His cheek to those who slapped him.

His face to those who spit on him.

His clothes to those who murdered him.

His mother to His beloved apostle John.

His hands and feet to be nailed to a tree.

His body for the life of the world.

His spirit to God.


F. How much do you TIP a waitress when you eat out? 10 -15%?

1. Is God serving you well?

2. Doe he give you everything you need?

3. Are you even giving God a decent TIP?

G. No brothers and sisters, the NT does not teach tithing.

1. Yet I fear that too much teaching on this fact alone has given us the impression that giving less than 10% is acceptable to God.

2. If we claim to be a people of the book then we should act like it!

Christ’s teaching on Giving:

VI. Christ gives us a motive for giving

A. Matt. 6:19-21

1. To lay up treasure in heaven by laying it down for God on earth.

2. If we refuse to lay up treasure in heaven, we will meet God empty handed.

3. Our heart wont be with God

B. Matt. 19:27 - Peter talks to Jesus

1. Jesus did not say “Peter. You should be ashamed.”

2. He did say vs. 28-30

C. What will your investment bring? Ask yourself these questions.

1. Am I making payments on a Yugo expecting a Mercedes?

2. Am I paying for Motel 6 expecting the Hilton?

3. Am I paying for a Cadillac when I should be paying for a Rolls-Royce?

4. Jesus says Lay up TREASURES in Heaven not bargains.

5. Luke 6:38 - Give and it will be given, good measure, pressed down

D. Rich Farmer

1. Luke 12:19 - Laid up enough for himself many years

2. Luke 12:20 - God said NO WAY tonight you will enter eternity a very poor man.

3. Luke 12:21 - Jesus said anyone who is not liberal toward God will receive this same fate.

E. God has promised you a Mansion!

• We need to start making the down payment.

Some Guideposts for Giving:

I. 1 Cor. 16:1,2 - On the 1st day of the week, according to your income (as prospered)

II. 2 Cor. 9:6,7 Paul illustrates his point using one who plants a crop

A. Give sparingly - receive sparingly

B. Give abundantly - receive abundantly

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