Summary: Fresh start but old message, share about Jesus Christ and His love.

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Matthew 5: 16 ; 2 Cor 5: 17

We are so thankful that the Lord Jesus really bless us in so many things such as our life, thank the Lord that we are alive & kicking. Some can’t make it this year so its really a wonderful thing to be thankful for.

We thank the Lord that we have faith in Jesus Christ or else our life might be ruin. It could be separation happen if not because of our faith, don’t get me wrong my friends we live in a society that almost anything are permissive even the things that are opposite to the teaching of the Bible.

We thank the Lord that we have a small fellowship wherein there are people who are willing to listen, to give advise if need arises, and we can talk about our struggles in life, we shared together our joys and concerns, but most importantly we are praying together.

We thank the Lord that we met other Filipino – Americans in the area and it’s a challenge for us to get involve although sometimes it’s not our comfort zone sharing our faith to others but still we have to for the sake of Jesus commandment.

There so much things in our mind, so much dreams for our family and children, so many things pop up in our thoughts about our future, about our life and so much more.

But, is there any even a single portion of your dreams and visions about the future of our faith in general and the fellowship in particular.

I cannot blame you especially those who are working so hard for your future and the future of your family.

We are responsible within our own backyard we need to make sure that everything is okey and fine, some said I need to priority the welfare of my family, that is correct but you cannot add even an inch of your family’s life, everything is in the hands of God.

People are always busy and cannot find time to be with the Lord. We always said probably that, God understand my situation even though I am not religious I cannot forget Him.

Although, I am not attending church I am okey and I don’t hurt other people, I am just like this not church people.

The Bible clearly said, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways.” says the Lord. Isaiah 55: 8

How can we justify that what’s in out thoughts is same as with the Lord. We cannot, unless we have the right relationship with the Lord God through His Son Jesus Christ.

So therefore, there are people who does not have a personal relationship to Jesus although they are physically strong but they are spiritually dead.

If there are people who are spiritually dead meaning no right relationship to Jesus Christ. We need to find and seek them so that we can bring them to the throne of grace of God.

(Ill) Last night we attended a Wedding and I heard Bro. Rich and Sister. Madel invited these couple in our fellowship, although the guys responded that they are involve in Asencion Church.

My favorite author Rev. Rick Warren disclosed that the growth of the

Saddle back Church is purely through spiritual conversion and their main target are the unchurched.

If I‘m allowed to embrace such belief I would rather find those who are not attending nor a member of any churches.

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