Summary: Fishing is fun but fishing for the souls of men is of eternal value.

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Matt. 4:19

Mat 4:19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Fishing is a wonderful sport. I always loved eating what I caught but today they have a catch and release program.

One of my church members is Joe. When he catches a catfish, he brings it home and we have a fish fry. He caught the big one last week. A 28 lb catfish.

Explain the text: The men our Lord called were professional fisherman. This call was about them leaving the life then knew and following Jesus into a totally new way of life. Instead of fishing for fish – they would be fishing for the souls of men.

Actually the verb in this verse would be translated, "I will make you to become fishers of men."

Other words, Jesus was going to train them in the skill and art of fishing for the souls of men.

If you want to be a good fisherman – there are certain things you need to determine.

T/S Consider with me 5 things you need to determine when you go fishing. These same principles work for fishing for men.


If you are going to the lake to catch Crappie or catfish – you will take a totally different approach than you would if you were going out to sea to catch a swordfish. You would use different equipment, different size poles, different size hooks, different kind of bait. Your approach would be totally different.

You would need a steel leader if you fished for Barracuda or sharks.

As a church – we must identify who we are trying to reach. While everyone of Adams race is just a sinner that needs God love and forgiveness and salvation – the people we deal with must be approached on the terms they can understand.

Was not Jesus the great example of this truth?

When He was with fishermen – He talked about fish.

When He was with farmers – He talked about farming.

When He met a woman of a different ethnic background (John 4). He talked about what she understood.

When He encountered rich young ruler – talked about money.

If they were thirsting – He talked about the water of life.

If they were hungry – He talked about the bread of life.

If they were guilty – He talked about forgiveness.

Jesus always knew how to would deal with people on terms they could understand.

We don’t every want to narrow our vision that we cannot include all segments of society but we also must recognize that not every person that lives within driving distance of our church will be happy worshipping God in our fellowship. It is called “Different strokes for different folks”. Everyone is welcome but we must determine what is right for our church in our approach to serving and worshipping God and be willing to let people who are not happy here – to let me go and find where they can. Does not mean that we are better – it just means that we won’t make everyone happy.

I am not talking about segregation. We have both black member, brown members and white member of our church. Everyone is welcome but there are biker churches – that is not us. I am not going to start wearing black leather and chains and studs in my nose. There are folks who are looking for a church that does nothing but stand and sing and wave their hands back and forth. That is not our church.

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