Summary: We know that Hezekiah was a man of faith, we also know that his prayer was a prayer of faith. So it doesn't surprise us that the Lord heard it and granted Hezekiah his request.



One of the most popular television game shows of the 1960’s and 70’s was called LET’S MAKE A DEAL. In that particular game show, contestants would BUY – SELL – TRADE - anything and everything from pair of socks to high ticket items. Lawyers, doctors, plumbers, and even Beverly Hills housewives dressed in sometimes ridiculous and oftentimes humorous outfits hoping to trade a hard boiled egg for a brand new Vehicle. Near the end of the show, the original host by the name of MONTY HALL asked those who had already played if they wanted to keep what they had, or trade it for a chance at the Big Deal of the Day. The first two Traders who decided to risk their cash and/or merchandise for a chance at a grand prize got to choose between Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3. There were great prizes, but sometimes you would not always trade up by choosing what was behind a door. It was one of my favorite game shows back in the day, because you never knew what was going to happen.

In our text this morning we find one of the most unusual and inspiring events recorded in the Bible. It almost paralles the game show Let’s Make A Deal. In an effort not to overlook the IMPORTANCE and SIGNIFICANCE of that particular day and age. The CENTRALITY and IMPORTANCE of this chapter must not be overlooked. It was God’s final attempt to win over the reigning house of David to a life of obedience and trust. From this chapter onwards, along with its consequence in chapter 39, attention turns to the coming Servant of Yahweh Who will accomplish what the current house of David has proved itself incapable of doing.

In those days, the main character in this text, Hezekiah was found to be sick and near death. And Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, went to him and, “THUS SAYS THE LORD: SET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER, FOR YOU SHALL DIE AND NOT LIVE.” This was not the local Physician speaking or the Primary Care Physician, these were not the Words of the family Doctor. The Bible calls to our attention that God Said.

• Sometimes when I sit around and think, I am amazed at how frail we all are

• There are a lot of things that can do you in

• Accidents, diseases, violence, war, so many things that can end your life

I am not sure how many of you have been following the Medical Case of Aimee Copeland the 24 year old young lady that was a Graduate Student of Psychology working on her Thesis at University of West Georgia and ready to take her place in society. She seemed to be preparing herself well for that transition. While out with friends relaxing and enjoying a weekend she and others were enjoying themselves while ZIP LINING over the TALLOPOSA RIVER where she gashed her leg and regular BACTERIA from the water set deeply in that wound which developed into a severe case of a Life-Threatening Infection - FLESH EATING DISEASE.

• After three months of hospitalization, she has somewhat recovered

• She travelled home late last week

• Lost most of her limbs

• But her life was spared

Even if you think that you can hide yourself in some shelter, or enjoying a leisurely day of relaxation – A LITTLE BUG OR MICROBE can take you out. There are some, I am sure this morning in this auditorium that have not enjoyed sitting in their own backyard during these hot summer months because you are afraid that a MOSQUITO will bite you and will contract WEST NILE DISEASE. And it is a real concern as Oklahoma and Texas have been hit hard. Yes, my brothers and sisters LIFE IS FRAGILE.

We read here in this chapter that Hezekiah now understands just how fragile life can be as he is declared to be VERY ILL- indeed dying. He has a mortal illness. He was ‘SICK UNTO DEATH.’ And the prophet comes to him with confirmation from Yahweh. ‘Thus says Yahweh --- you will die.’ When I visit the Sick and Shut-In or make Hospital visits, I fully expect God to move and deliver. So here was Hezekiah when the MAN OF GOD walks in. I imagine that Hezekiah began to feel somewhat better knowing that ISAIAH was there to pray for his recovery.

• He enters and tells Hezekiah, man you are going to die

• Get your affairs in order

• It’s one thing when Pastor walks in your sick room with the Deacon

• It’s never good when the Preacher walks in the room with the Undertaker

• Preacher tells Hezekiah to prepare for death

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