Summary: A friend was debating with me about the existence of God, but finally asked me "What do you believe?"

I believe the world and everything in it was created by God. We can’t have a building without a builder, we can’t have a painting without a painter, and we can’t have a creation with a Creator. Since life is still in the process of being created, every birth of every plant, animal, and person is evidence of His great will and plan.

I believe that the first two persons Adam & Eve were given distinct commands to be followed. And since it is mercy by the Almighty that they were created in the first place, God ultimately is absolutely fair to create rules that need to be followed. But the two of them messed up, which prevents them from entering into a perfect heaven when they die and subsequently they needed someone to save them from the oncoming punishment which they (and me and my family) absolutely deserve for we too broke the commands. I believe science has proven the existence of a worldwide flood, and confirms the location of hell being in the earth. I also believe it would be absolutely impossible for someone to make up those two events and randomly be proven right by science. I mean, come on, what are the odds of Moses stating in 4000BC that there was a worldwide flood and being right? And what other religion states the eternal destination of the condemned is in black fire in the earth, the odds of that coming true would be insurmountable.

I believe that I have lied—and that makes me a liar. I believe that I have stolen—and that makes me a thief. I believe that I have had lustful thoughts—which means I have committed adultery in my heart. Since I am a liar, a thief, and an adulterer at heart, I do not, can not, will not make it into heaven on my own merit. How about you? I think you understand my point.

I believe that Jesus has fulfilled the unbelievable amount of prophecies that were predicted for hundreds of years prior to his birth, life and death. Any scientific mind would agree that the Law of Probability when applied to his life would back this up.

I believe that when I die and face my Maker in heaven, that somehow, unbelievable to me, God is not going to see the guilty Tom Papez but instead will see the sinless Jesus Christ and thus receive entrance into heaven as a free gift. There I will see the other fallen members of my family, friends, loved ones, and those who are also belonging to Christ including my deceased son who died in 2009. I will be surprised by some people being there that I never knew had the Lord in their heart. I will also be surprised by realizing that some people who I thought were in the Lord are not and thus are located in another eternal dwelling.

I believe it takes equally enough faith to be an atheist as it is to be a Christian. In fact, I believe it takes more. For a person to live their whole life gambling on the fact that the insurmountable amount of odds favoring heaven/afterlife/Christ requires 1000s of times more faith than someone to do the opposite. If the Christian dies and there is no God she has lost nothing. If the atheist dies and there is God she loses a million years. I also believe that the very fact that an atheist argues with Christians about the existence of God is actually one more proof that there is a God because Romans chapter 1 in the Bible states that God is known intrinsically inside the persons heart. To accept something in the heart and to deny it with words and deeds requires a fight.

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