Summary: What are the evidences of salvation?

1) Levi obeyed immediately

a) Levi didn’t debate or try to put this off

b) He immediately got up and followed

c) Real conversion calls for immediate action

2) Levi Confessed openly

a) Held a great banquet and invited Jesus to be the guest of honor

b) Invited all his former unsaved friends

3) Levi Sacrificed his wealth

a) Publicans became rich but he left it all

b) He sacrificed all hope of personal wealth

4) Levi changed

a) Levi changed

1) Left being a Publican to become a disciple

2) Conversion will change your walk

3) Conversion will change your talk

4) Conversion will change your conduct

5) Levi showed concern for the lost

a) A believer will lead others to Christ

b) A believer will invent opportunities to share Jesus with others

6) What about you?

a) What are you doing with your faith?

b) What do you do to share your faith?

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