Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Evolution is a crafty lie that has that purposes to undermine the truth of God’s word.

Series: Lies Satan Tells


Genesis 1:1, Rom 1:18-22

Years ago in my Systematic Theology class in seminary, my 80 year old and highly respected professor asked in his aging voice, “Sirs, whom would you consider the most dangerous man who ever lived.” Names such Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Nero began to be heard all over the classroom. Giving time for many jabs at the question, Dr. Beamon then said, “I submit to you that the most dangerous and wicked man to ever live was Charles Darwin.” Wow! No one expected this answer and then Dr. Beamon taught for a week on the Lie of Evolution.


(Romans 1:18-22)

A. Evolution strokes the rebellious nature of sinful man.

Ever since the first man rebelled against God, men have lived in a state of rebellion which basically says, “God, we don’t need you and we will do things our way.” Evolution is a system of thought that gives man reason and permission to reject God

B. Evolution strokes the selfish nature of sinful man.

Evolution in its concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest elevates man to the top of the evolutionary ladder. It is the basis of secular humanism which makes man his own god.

C. Evolution strokes the fleshy desires of sinful man.

Gives man the permission to live according to an animal instinct with no accountability


*A hurricane’s most destructive force along the coast is not the wind, but the erosion caused by the wind driven water. In 1986 I was working disaster duty with the FL Baptist during Hurricane Ellen. We drove through the night to a small town along a seaside road, but when returning in the morning this road had collapsed from the pounding of the water. The constant pounding of the waves throughout the night destroyed the foundation of the road and as a result it had washed into the sea. In the same way, the lie of evolution pounds against the peoples’ belief systems.

A. Undermines the Reality of God

Richard T. Clark and James D. Bales wrote an interesting and heavily documented book entitled, Why Scientists Believe in Evolution. It contains numerous letters written by Darwin, Huxley, Spencer and other early evolutionists. It points our that these men indicated in their letters by their own admission, that because of their hostility toward God and their bias against the supernatural, they jumped at the doctrine of evolution.

(Time Magazine) Charles Darwin did not want to murder God, as he once put it, but he did.

(Lee Strobel, The Case for Faith, p88)mBiologist Francisco Ayala said Darwin’s “greatest accomplishment” was to show how the development of natural life is “the result of a natural process, natural selection, without any need to resort to the Creator.”

Michael Denton, the Australian molecular biologist and physician agreed that “Darwinism broke man’s link with God and consequently set him adrift in the cosmos without purpose.” Note: Denton later recanted with the discovery of DNA and not holds to Intelligent Desigan

Scripture never tries to explain God or prove there is a God. Genesis 1:1 simply states, “In the beginning God....” It simply begins on the assumption there is a Creator God.

The Lie of Evolution is totally opposite. It simply begins on the assumption there is no God.

B. Undermines the Authority of Scripture

Thomas Huxley (p. 52, Kennedy) "It is clear that the doctrine of evolution is directly antagonistic to that of creation.. Evolution, if consistently accepted makes it impossible to believe the Bible."

C. Undermines the Value of Human Life and Dignity

Darwin’s main premise in his "Origin of the Species" is Natural Selection

RESULTS of Natural Selection or survival of the fittest

1. RACIST in nature (claims some races are more advanced than others)

2. COMMUNISM-Karl Marx asked Darwin to write the introduction to his Das Kapital since he felt Darwin provided a scientific foundation for communism (Marx & Engels were atheistic evol’ists)

3. HITLER- preached for a perfect race built on survival

4 MUSSOLINI- often quoted Darwin

5. FREUDISM- removes all personal responsibility, puts on environment



D. Undermines All Standards of Morality

Sir Julian Huxley stated on a talk show,

"I suppose the reason we leaped at the ’Origin of the Species’ was because God interfered with our sexual mores."

1. No need to obey a Holy God since there is no such thing

2. No moral absolutes since we are continually evolving

3. Attempt to create man as most developed creature but actually lowers man since removal "from the image of God


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