Summary: The Sadducees were Bible Scholars but they refused to believe in the resurrection; can we have the same attitude about Scriptures?

Before reading our passage this morning, open your Bibles for a moment to 1 Corinthians 15:1-8…..

Let us note that there is a gospel, meaning good news, which speaks of being saved from judgment to a place called hell, where all evil is forever kept separated from a holy glorious God! When a person dies, they immediately face God’s judgment either saved to heaven or to be with all the demons. Are we sure of what we will face after death? Do we really know the Gospel? What is the gospel, the good news??

The Gospel which saves souls forever is belief in Christ who….. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4….

Let us also note that this Gospel of Jesus Christ was foretold in Scriptures. Everything that happened to Jesus Christ was foretold by God in the Old Testament to prepare people to believe in Him!

We have been noting that even though the Jewish Religious Leaders of 2000 years ago were scholars of the Old Testament, many did not believe in Jesus Christ and tried to trap Him. Open your Bibles now to Mark 12 as we learn another attempt to confront Jesus Christ. Read along with me Mark 12:18-27….. Make a mental note of all the truths in this passage………

There are so many truths here! Let’s highlight them then make a note of what we can apply to our lives.

v18: The Jewish religious leaders, the Sadducees, did not believe in the resurrection. Now, how do we know they tried to trap Jesus??

The Sadducees asked Jesus a question about something they did not believe in! Now, did you notice how they were trying to trip up Jesus?

v19-23: The Sadducees tried to trap Jesus with their knowledge of Scriptures! Those Sadducees even noted that Scriptures speaks of the resurrection! They knew what God says about rising from the dead but they didn’t believe it. The Sadducees did not believe in life after death, that’s what made them sad, u see!

The Sadducees were religious leaders, Bible Scholars, but did not completely believe God’s Word; can this happen today?

Now, what can we note about Jesus’ answer?

v24….. Jesus rebuked the Sadducees of their ignorance and unbelief!

v25: Jesus confirmed 5 truths:

a. There is a heaven for eternity.

b. There is resurrection; the dead rising again to face eternity.

c. There will be no marital relationships in heaven.

d. There are angels!

e. People resurrected to heaven will be like angels regarding relationships!

Now, it does not tell us here, but what do we know about relationships of angels?? There are at least 3 things we can note:

1. Angels’ main relationship is serving Jesus Christ.

2. Angels can be on their own!

3. Angels can work with other angels!

Now, what did Jesus accomplish in v26-27??

Jesus affirmed the ignorance and unbelief of the Sadducees with Scriptures they were supposed to know! The right answers and the right critiques are always the ones backed up by God’s word!

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were already dead when God spoke to Moses but God is still the God of them alluding to the fact that although they died on earth, they are alive with God. There is eternal life to face after death on earth!

Let us highlight a few things to apply for our lives today.

1. We may be scholars of the Bible, but do we completely believe all of it? You’ve heard the saying “Jesus said it; I believe it, that settles it!” But a better way of saying this is “Jesus said it, that settles it!” Whatever Jesus says needs no filtration from people!

2. Can Jesus rebuke us of our ignorance and unbelief of God’s Word? What’s the answer to prevent this rebuke?? Listen to God’s Word daily and be humble before the Lord Jesus!

And so, as I alluded to in the beginning,

3. There will be judgment when we die (Hebrews 9:27)! Are we confidently sure of God’s judgment on us when we die? What will be our answer if Jesus asks us, “Why should you go to heaven?” There is only one right answer and can only be answered while still alive on earth!

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