Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Life is adventure. This was used for a honoring gradutes sunday

Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:8



A. What can I say?

B. I don’t think that you want me to say something like “tomorrow is here, today will never not be here unless….

C. Never the less you are at a place in your life where you are thinking about the future.

D. I would like to give you some advice that an old man gave to a young guy 4000 years ago.

E. I have three things about life I would like to tell you

A. Enjoy Life

B. Live Life

C. Remember Life

I. Enjoy Life

A. Explanation

1. This is something we often forget as Christians

2. We think we have to have all these rules and regulation

3. But look here is it telling you to enjoy life

B. Application

1. This notion that life is boring is wrong

2. Get rid of that whole Idea

3. Life is what you make out of it, make it fun it will be fun, make it boring it will be boring

C. Illustration

I have had a great life. It is funny because I was never a “wild child” I did not get into stealing, drinking, drugs, or anything like that. Yet my life was full and exiting. You would not believe all the fun things that I have got to do.

4. Let this not be an excuse to sin. The consequences of sin is not enjoyment.

II. Live life

A. Explanation

1. The author is giving us some warning

2. He has been through life

3. He is getting old

4. and Just like (Rich J) old people. He is feeling his age

5. The author purpose in writing this paragraph is to tell young people now is the time

B. Application

1. This is the time folks.

2. don’t use the Famous College Response “I will have more time after I graduate”

3. Now is the time!

4. I don’t want you to join Bedside Baptist

5. Live Your life for God

C. Illustration

I constantly here people that as soon as this happens I will seriously serve God. Or when I get old I will serve God. Or this reason and that reason. Listen life does not get easier life on earth is not forever. Live life like tomorrow will never come

III. Remember Life

A. Explanation

1. Here the author is telling us to keep things in perspective

2. Remember were you came from


B. Application

1. You are not invincible

2. You can be defeated

3. God created you

4. You had nothing to do with that

5. Don’t ever think that you are anything without God

C. Illustration


A. God is not boring

B. If your bored of God, then you have issues

C. If you are not living for God now, You will probably not do it later either

D. God is God, You are not, Remember that

E. Let me explain to you Bedside Baptist. Not only Bedside Baptist but other choices you make. Choose God and live a wonderful life

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