Summary: Because Christ is the source of all life, you must stay close to Him in order to experience “the abundant life”.

I. The Nature of God obligates you to submit to Him.

A. God is present (omnipresent).

B. God is active (immanent). Genesis 1; Eph 4:6

II. The Nature of man obligates you to reflect the glory of God.

A. Man surmises He is an accident.

B. Scripture reveals man is an act of creation. 1:26

III. The Nature of our relationship with God obligates you to worship God with a thankful heart.

A. God offers you His presence – sweet fellowship.2:4-25

B. God puts you in His place of blessing -- institutions. 2:8

C. God provides for you His purpose -- work. 2:15, 19

D. God authors for you His plan for intimate fellowship – marriage. 2:18,22

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