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Summary: If we are to have eternal life we must learn that we are going to live in "eye of the needle", constantly allowing Jesus to cleanse us and remove the burdens, while surrendering completely to his will.

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In any case, it seemed that the result was the same. It was something impossible for a man to do. Thank God, impossibilities to us are no challenge to God.

I am convinced that we must give ourselves completely to God, possessions, desires, wealth, dreams, and all that we are! If we give ourselves to him completely, without reservations, without excuses, then, and only then, can God perform the impossible and pass us through the eye of the needle into eternal life.

We must, like the camel, allow the Master to unburden our load and get down on our knees in submission to his will. Only in humbling ourselves before God can we enter into his presence.

We must hold on to his unchanging hand as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death and let the Holy Spirit lead us into all righteousness. He will build a hedge around us and keep from the enemy of our souls that will rob us of eternal life if we let him.

If the ways of righteousness are as narrow as the eye of a sewing needle and our self-righteousness lives are like a wire rope or a cable twisted together in ways that we can’t break free, it is the power of the Blood of Jesus that will free us, give us His righteousness and then make us ready to pass through the eye.

If you think about passing through the eye of a sewing needle, it gives a whole new perspective on the “straight way and narrow gate” that leads to life.

The Rich Young Ruler turned away sad and nowhere in the scriptures, do we ever see him turn back to Jesus. His love of this life and the things of this life was greater than his desire for eternal life. He traded what he wanted now for what he wanted most!

If we are to truly be disciples, if we are going to have eternal life, we must live in the eye of the needle. All of life is a passage through that eye in a continual process of daily surrender to God’s will. We must be willing and we must surrender all to God. It’s not enough to be obedient to the Law. Obedience has no power to save – only to let us know what we have done wrong.

If we are to have eternal life, we must surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We must allow his blood to wash away our sin. We must allow God to cut away from us anything that keeps us from passing through the eye. We must let God reign in us.

No matter what we have to give up now – if anything – Heaven will be worth it all! God doesn’t always require us to give up things. If he does then he will give us something far greater in its place.

Are you living in the eye of the needle today? Are you allowing God to continually trim your life of all the things that limit your serving him? Are you giving it all to Jesus? Is there anything in your life that would keep you from passing through the needle’s eye? Jesus says that we are to give it all up, sell out to him completely, live for him only and then we will have eternal life!

Not only does Jesus promise eternal life for those who surrender to him, but he also promises a life here on earth that is more blessed and more abundant than we could ever imagine.

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