Summary: "Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?"

When Tragedy Occurs

(Why do bad things happen to good people?) By R. Neal Gracey - assisted by commentaries and expositors

JOB 1:1-19

12 years ago a singer named Kurt Cobain took his own life. Before Kurt killed himself with a shotgun, he was filled with bitterness and anger. Why? He had everything…a great career, dedicated fans, plenty of money, a supportive wife, a beautiful daughter. So why kill yourself?

The answer to that question is easier than many may think.

Kurt Cobain simply lived out his beliefs to their logical conclusion. Kurt believed that their was NO God and there was No meaning or purpose to life. He was the center of his own universe, and he was bitter,…so why stick around?

Kurt opposed everything. He was asked one time why he was mopping around and Cobain replied,”Because I’m awake.” This man was in a spiritual battle with No Armor, No weapons, and No way out. He had passion for nothing and a void in his heart that nothing he pursued could fill. Except death!

In Asia, a killer Tsunami claimed over 155,000 lives. Trees were uprooted, telephone poles were snapped off, homes were destroyed, and people were drowned. One moment you’re enjoying your life and your walk with God couldn’t seem better. The next minute…Calamity. All hell breaks loose! What Just Happened???

Suffering wears many masks…Lost Jobs, Dissolved marriages, rebellious children, disease, pain, death. Everything we thought we knew about life, God, and Faith, seems irrelevant when it comes. The dust settles and questions start to flood in; the doubts start to surface. Why God? Why me? What did I do so wrong to deserve this? And to make matters worse…No Answers! Where is God, anyways? So, we make up our own answers. We come to our own conclusions. And they’re usually wrong. In reality only God knows exactly why things happen as they do.

There are 5 major themes in Job

1. Suffering. 2. Satan’s attacks. 3. God’s goodness. 4. Pride. 5. Trust.

Through no fault of his own Job lost his wealth, his children, and his health. Job’s friends were convinced that he brought this suffering on himself. So, what was Job’s greatest trial? It was: (not being able to understand why God allowed him to suffer). For no reason.

So, here’s my lesson text: JOB 1:1-19 Read the verses first.

First, let me begin by telling you that many believe that this Never happened. They believe that this is just a story. One reason is because the traumatic events came too close together. “This could never have happened this way” some say. Anyone disagree?

Let’s look in the Bible and behind the scenes…

God and Satan – Satan attempted to drive a wedge between Job and God, just like he tries to drive a wedge between all of us and God. Satan will attack us when we least expect it and he will attack that which we love the most. Sometimes it’s by trickery and sometimes by destruction. First understand that God is still, and always will be...God, so Satan needed permission to tempt Job. Remember, Satan is limited to what God allows. 1. The child of God has NO Reason to fear Satan’s attacks. Here’s the trick…We can not control how Satan attacks but we can choose how we will respond when it happens. The question isn’t, “Will I face hurt?” but “How will I face hurt?” It’s not our actions as much as our re-actions.

Job 1:1-5 Let’s start with a THANKFUL HEART. Vs 6.

One thing the enemy of our soul desires is to make us believe that he doesn’t exist. If he can do that, the rest is easy. Life can go on and we just think all that we have is because we are so smart, or so good, or so in the right place at the right time! How ‘bout this,…Lucky!

Satan has NO control over a Christian life! SEE: LUKE 22:31-35 (read)

1. Satan has asked

2. Was he given permission? Yes

3. Does Peter pass or fail? He failed the test but kept the faith.

4. How do we know Peter failed the test? (Jesus said, “When you turn back”)

5. Strengthen your brothers? The experience!

Q. What if God mentioned your name in Heaven? “Have you considered my friend, Neal?”

Q. Would you want your name mentioned in Heaven?

VS 20-22. Job worshiped instead of asking “the BIG 3”

1. Why is this happening to me?

2. Where is God when I need Him?

3. When will this suffering end?

Is it wrong to ask questions? SEE Matthew 27:46

Why, Where, When, HOW. How will you help me? How will this strengthen me and my relationship with you? How will you work this out for my good and your Glory? (These are unselfish questions that we need to ask God)

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