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Summary: LIFE is treasure. God has given us life to manage it, enjoy it, and experience a wholesome living. This opportunity of course is solely depends on us!

Once there was a father with a son who was lazy. He tried to convince his son that he should join him in the work on his farm. The son was not convinced. The father was actually worried, how his son would earn his living after his death. Therefore, before his death, the father called his son and told: “My son, I have hidden for you a great treasure in the fields.” Before the son could ask him where exactly it was hidden, the father died. After the death of the father, the son began to search for the treasure. He dug from one end of the field to the other. But he could not find any treasure. He was disappointed, angry and desperate. As he sat there disappointed, he came to this idea. “I dug the field anyway. Although I have not found the treasure, why can’t I atleast cultivate the land?” He cultivated the land and got a great harvest. Then it occurred to him, that this harvest was the treasure that his father had left for him in the fields. (SermonCentral.com)


LIFE is a treasure! God has given us life to manage it, enjoy it, and experience a wholesome living. This opportunity of course is solely depends on us!


"And he[Master] called ten of his slaves, and gave them ten minas" v.13

"Small and large amount of money" v.21

"He gave to each one according to his ability" v.15

-Webster’s meaning of Diversity: A state of difference; dissimilitude; unlikeness.

-“Charles Darwin saw in the diversity of species the principles of evolution that operated to generate the species: variation, competition and selection” (Scientific American).


A. Diversity is given proportionately.

"He gave each one according to his ability." v.15

-Our abilities are given proportionately with what we can manage. God never give us abilities beyond what we can bear and utilize.

-In business, it is not wise to invest your bigger amount of money to those products which never get higher ROI (Return of Investment). A wise businessman invested most of his money in a product that get higher earnings. Although he will also included some products that earn less because having a variety of products attract more customers.

-God is wise, He knows that the third man is not responsible steward that’s why he invested less for Him. If He mistakenly gave more money to that third person, he never maximized his profit and most of his

money became idle.

-God knows our capacity. What you have now is what God thought of you. But if you proved to him that you can do more than that, or you want to ask something more, just be faithful for the little thing you have. And when the Lord see your faithfulness, I’m sure, He will grant your desire. Just be faithful!

-Invest your talent, exercise your talent until someday God will say to you, "You have been faithful in managing the small amounts. so I will put you in-charge of large amount."

B. Diversity is made for our harmony.

"...proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body.."(Eph.:16b)


"Biological Diversity: the spice of life"

It is often said that variety is a spice of life. No intelligent investor confines his money to one or two shares. No one can sit stably and comfortably on a chair with two legs, No one remains fully healthy on a restricted diet. These facts are obvious, but the larger analogy that a varied base is vital for human existence fails to achieve recognition. The variety of living things around us is one of the greatest wonders of life on earth. This is the reason why our ancestors were able to survive without industries, without the latest technologies, without the guns, without the bulldozers and so forth. This clearly shows that the human race has been dependent on the natural world ever since its existence on this planet."- by Wisdom Dlamini - Swaziland National Trust Commission.

-The diversity of our talent, character and attitude are designed by God. If we maintain our harmony despite our differences it brings glory to God.


"The servant invested his money and earned..." v.16

"The servant went off, dug a hole in the ground, and hid his master’s money." v.18

ABILITY:Old French-habilite "The quality of being able to do something, especially the physical, mental, financial, or legal power to accomplish something."


A. God has given us ability to serve Him.

"The servant invested the money..." v.16

"Master, here’s your 5,000 coins!"

-Yes, God has given us ability in order that we have a part in the family of God. God doesnt want someone to be idle. He wanted that every Christian will grow in serving the Lord.

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