Summary: A look at the raising of Lazarus and how Jesus has called each of us out of the tomb and into a new life in Him.

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Life is precious.

Jesus shows life is precious by his relationships with people.

Jesus and Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

It was such a relationship, Mary poured perfume on Jesus, wiped his feet.

It was such a relationship, the girls knew they could call on Jesus.

It was such a relationship that Jesus loved Mary and Martha and Lazarus

Jesus loves you and I more than we can ever imagine.

He loves us in those wonderful moment when are praising him.

He loves us in those sad moments when we turn away from him.

He wants our love.

He wants it so bad, that he was willing to come to earth and die.

Mary and Martha and Lazarus loved one another.

Jesus calls us to love one another.

Our relationship as brothers and sisters in Christ is a blessing.

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Life is precious, but things happen we don’t understand, but Jesus understands.

Both Mary and Martha say “Jesus if you had been there.”

They didn’t understand Lazarus’ death at first.

Jesus understood perfectly.

Jesus knew it was for God’s glory.

Maybe you have said to Jesus, “Jesus where were you?”


Loss of a loved one

Loss of a job

A rebellious child

Health diagnosis

Remember this, even if you don’t understand, Jesus understands.

Life is precious, and when we hurt, Jesus hurts with us.

The shortest verse in the Bible: Jesus wept.

Why did Jesus weep? Mourning the death of Lazarus? Nope.

Jesus wept because he saw Mary hurting so badly over her brother.

Can’t you see it? Jesus standing at the tomb, tears streaking down his cheeks. He knows Lazarus will live, but still he hates to see the pain of the sisters.

When you and I hurt, Jesus hurts with us.

The tragedy of millions of unborn babies being extinguished hurts. Jesus must hurt over it too.

Let me say, if there is a woman here who has had an abortion, Jesus still loves you. It’s not the unforgivable sin. Through repentance and forgiveness God can heal that pain. But know this, as you hurt from that experience, Jesus hurts with you.

When we hurt, Jesus hurts. Why? Life is precious, Jesus loves us.

Life is precious, eternal life is even more precious.

Jesus tells Martha, Lazarus will rise again.

Martha understood that dead will rise at the judgment.

Not only would Lazarus rise to earthly life soon. He will rise again in the end.

Death is not the end.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

He who believes in him will live even though he dies.

Whoever lives and believes in him will never die.

Death is not permanent. Death is not forever.

Death is not final.

As precious as life is, eternal life is even more precious.

Life is precious, Jesus calls us out of the tomb.

Lazarus come out.

Jesus calls each of to come out.

Come out of our sin and rebellious living.

Come out of our old lifestyle.

In Baptism we are all like Lazarus, buried

Take off the grave clothes and let him go.

Jesus wants to set you free today.

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