Summary: An appreciation of life in a succinct format encapsulating much in little through a modern day five loaves and two fish approach.

A collection of life’s building blocks

To create a human jewel

God’s wisdom carefully taking stock

Two people start the fuel

Produce meant to be from love

In guilt or holiness interwined

To fulfill will from above

Some choose to undermine

Cutting short the life God chose

He planned before creation

Denying what His love would grow

To join the celebration

One who might have worshipped

If given their life’s chance

Instead seen as a hardship

An accidental circumstance

This seed a difference might have made

That none but God could see

Sent early to an unmarked grave

And not allowed to be

Small wonder that the consequences

For such actions so darkly grow

Tearing at protection’s fences

Much festers from below

Years of following such choices

Allowing more to never be

Silencing our children’s voices

We daily grow less free

For freedom grows through righteousness

In service to the Lord

Greater the numbers who turn from He

Who such sin must abhor

If we choose not to speak or write

Defend not those too young to say

And let them feed death’s appetite

What need for us to pray

For God’s Word says He won’t be mocked

Nor does He wink His eye

By present pain why are we shocked

Tis for our sin we ought to cry

But who would dare but to suggest

Twixt sin and loss a sure connection

Lax moralists must but protest

Though we be stripped of God’s protection

Not all sermons take the form

Of paragraphs upon a page

Some messages must be transformed

And set free of the cage

For God has given different ways

By which His truth is spoken

Here is how I join the fray

Let arrows fly that lies be broken

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