Summary: Life Isn’t Fair. What are we as believers supposed to do about it?


1 PETER 2:11-25


Life Isn’t Fair.

* In the very first family, Adam and Eve had one son kill another over worshipping God (of all things) and that son was banished out of the family. That isn’t fair. (Genesis 4)

* Abraham had a son born to him by another woman (at the insistence of his wife) named Ishmael and because his wife Sarah became jealous he had to send his son out into the desert to die. His family was broken up because of jealousy. (Genesis 21)

* Jacob works for seven years for the love of his life Rachel and at the last minute the father switches the daughters and he has to marry the sister he does not love. He then has to work 7 more years for the woman he agreed to marry in the first place. (Genesis 29)

* Joseph is sold into slavery, falsely accused and sent to prison, forgotten about, and has to spend a great deal of his life away from his family. That isn’t fair. (Genesis 37-40)

* Moses leads the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt and all they do is complain, whine, make golden calves, disobey God, and blame Moses for all their troubles. We do not see the people of Israel thanking Moses for his leadership. (Exodus 12-18)

* After a great victory in war from God, Jephthah makes a good faith oath to God that he would sacrifice the first thing that comes out of his door to God and what comes out of his door is not a cow or a goat, but his daughter. That isn’t fair. (Judges 11)

* Samson is a prostitute lover, irreverent, disobedient to his parents, vengeful, sadistic, slanderous, a liar, a cheater, and dozens of other adjectives that are sinful and yet God uses him in a mighty way over and over and blesses him through the Holy Spirit. That really isn’t fair. (Judges 13-16)

* Hannah is a good, prayerful, faith-filled woman and yet God allows her to be barren and to be in a marriage where she is constantly put down and constantly verbally attacked. (1 Samuel 1)

* David does nothing wrong, but has a maniac king trying to kill him, sends him on the run, makes him know hunger, thirst, and need. Later in David’s life one child rapes another, one child tries to kill him, and several of his children die before his eyes. (2 Samuel)

* One day the priests are moving the Ark of the Covenant and the ox stumbled while pulling the cart. A man named Uzzah reached out to prevent the Ark of the Covenant from falling to the ground. When he touched the ark, he died on the spot. That doesn’t seem fair. (2 Samuel 6).

* Israel gets a king named Rehoboam who is the son of Solomon and the grandson of David and as soon as he begins to reign undoes everything David and Solomon built in their two lifetimes. The people of God go from a united nation to two nations that hate each other. (1 Kings 14)

* A man named Naboth has a nice vineyard and simply because the king wants it, he is falsely accused and killed. That isn’t fair. Not even a little. (1 Kings 21)

* God admits that Job is one of the most righteous and good men who has ever lived and Job looses all 10 of his children to death, looses his home, his money, his health, his reputation, and even good friends. Good people should have good things happen to them. That isn’t fair. (Job 1)

* Daniel gets thrown into a lion’s den full of hungry ferocious lions for praying. (Daniel 6)

* Hosea is a good holy prophet of God who is commanded by God to marry a prostitute who does not love him, who has children by other men, and whom he must buy back from her sexual habits. Basically God commands Hosea to be cheated on an unhappy in his married life. That isn’t fair. (Hosea 1-3)

* God sends the prophet Jonah to the sinful people of Nineveh who do not deserve mercy or grace and deserve to be judged and wiped off the face of the earth. God sends Jonah and they listen and God spares Nineveh from His wrath. Evil people should get what is coming to them. That isn’t fair. (Jonah 1-4)

* John the Baptist is the first prophet of God in 400 years for the people of Israel. He preaches and calls people to repentance. He points people towards the Savior. They put him in prison and chop off his head. (Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 3)

* Jesus Christ is arrested for nothing. One of His best friends betrays Him to the authorities. Another best friend denies even knowing Him. All of His other friends desert Him. He is found innocent in a court of law and is still killed like the worst type of criminal. That isn’t fair. (Luke 22-24)

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