Summary: There will always be some kind of opposition when preaching the Gospel and different results, but Paul shows that we should preach it anyway.

Life on Mars

Acts 17:15 – 34

I. Introduction

Wherever Paul went he preached the Gospel, Athens was no different. He is invited to explain his message at the open forum on Mars’ Hill.

II. Main Body

A. The Title of his message (Verse 23)

1. The Unknown God

a. People Worship anything

b. People Worship anyone

2. My God is not unknown

a. I Know His Person – Isaiah 9:6

b. I Know His Presence – Hebrews 13:5

c. I Know His Power – Matthew 28:18

B. The Nature of his message (Verses 24 - 31)

1. God is the Creator of all things (Verses 24 – 29)

2. God is the Saviour of all things (Verse 30)

3. God is the Judge of all things (Verse 31)

C. The Result of his message (Verses 32 – 34)

1. Some mocked (Verse 32)

2. Some delayed (Verse 32)

3. Some believed (Verse 34)

III. Conclusion

The reaction to the Gospel message is always mixed. God’s Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11) It is our job to “Preach the Gospel unto every creature”

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