Summary: Helping youths to commit their lives to God!

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Over half of the world population is under 25 years old, that's a staggering 3 billion plus people. The critical mass of teenagers is over 1.5 billion-more than ever before. With the more access to the internet, Money, Technology and other advancements, youngsters could be the most powerful engines in the emerging global cultures. Young people have the opportunities to shape cultures and worldviews. This not just the global phenomenon but reality in India as well.

Over 65% of our population is young. Media is impacting the young generation. Youngsters are against the corruption and are aware of their rights. In front of the young generation lots of options are available for instance Carrier, Jobs, further Education so on and so forth. Lots of options are available for the young people but at the same time we have to face lots of crises and challenges.

Most of global problems are resolved by the young people. In most of MNC's youngsters are the holding the position of CEO. Young people are booming in this country as well. I can strongly say that young generation can shape the future of India.

But when we see the youngsters involvement in the Church it's pretty disappointing. Today youngsters not much interested in the spiritual things. Its sounds very unexciting to them, but let me tell you are not only demanded by the secular world but Church as well. You wanted by God. We all are born and raised up in a Christian family and we aware of true God, Church and its purpose. As we are making lots of decisions in our life in order to have a better life, I tell you at some point in life we have to make a crucial decision and that between God and world. If that decision you have to make today which would be your choice? Today's topic is Life's crucial decision!

In Bible there is young man who is coming to Jesus to make crucial decision of his life. It is found in Gospel according to Luke 18: 18-28. Here is a young ruler means he was having the ruling authority.


(1) His profile:-

• He was young man (Matt 19:22)

• He was affluent and rich. (Luke 18:23)

• He was a ruler. (Lk 18:18).

• He was spiritually inclined (Mark 10:17):-

It shows that he knew much about the religion and he wanted to become more intimate with God.

His perceptions:-

• He perceived Jesus as someone who had answers to his questions.

• He was eager to know the answer. (v18)

• He sensed the inadequacy of his spirituality. (Most of the time after hearing a sermon or on particular occasions we feel that we are lacking in spiritual life and I believe it's a righteous feeling in which we seriously introspect our spiritual life).

• He wanted to do something to inherit the kingdom of God.

(II) Perfect Response of Jesus:

• Care and Compassion Exhibited:

(vr.19) This young ruler approached Jesus and call's His Good Teacher or Master. As this young man approached Jesus, He was responded by Jesus. And the conversation went on.

Whenever we call unto God he is there to respond us and He has got all the answers for our problems. Our loved ones might ignore us, reject us but Christ will not He there to care for us and He is always compassionate for us.

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John Doe

commented on Jan 1, 2017

The notion that the man in question was lost eternally isn't scripturally accurate- The bible doesn't say one way or the other- but, rather, we presume. Therefore, the point needs some careful rephrasing, so that we are not inserting our own ideas and notions into Scripture. ,

Rev. Ashish Hirday

commented on Jul 25, 2017

Thank you John, for your comment.

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