Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: also 1John 2:1-11 Jesus is called the light for a good reason

In our Scripture today John speaks of being in light and darkness. He tells us that we can have Jesus Christ the light. But live as if we are in darkness – live like we don’t know Christ.

Story: Got A Light?

When I was in college we used to spend a lot of time on the beach. People would stop us, hanging on to a cigarette and ask “got a light”, I guess they didn’t have matches in their swim suits...We would say,

Jesus is the light.

We are continuing our series on why good people do bad things.

What we have seen so far is: We try to build a good world around us….

Listen to Christian Radio, Read the Word, Be with good people. It doesn’t matter what kind of a world we build around us Scripture teaches: Our corruption still comes from within. We seek to be good people. God is not looking for good people. He is looking for devoted people. We use the path of least resistance. We usually embark on the path of least resistance, in small steps. I did not deliberately try to become involved in deceit. Want something bad enough – we can pray ourselves into a peace about it, this “peace” enables us to work outside the Scripture. Sometimes it is more of a Sense Of Inevitability, than a peace. We also saw how Shame is part of the puzzle - innocence at all costs - I am going to do what I need to, to eliminate the possibility of shame.

Today we will see that sometimes we plainly deceive ourselves. As John puts it, “we claim to be in the light – but walk in darkness”. Can a Christian who has seen the light – found Jesus Christ, walk in the darkness? You bet.

1John 1:5.

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. The message is from Jesus: Listen up. He starts by saying this is not philosophy and declares that God is light. What does he mean? God is light appealed to pagans / former pagans. Light / darkness was common in pagan thought. John – from the Hebrew, OT light -Intellectual sense = truth, Moral sense – righteousness. NT Jesus carrier of illumination. God is light – absolute glory in his truth and holiness.

In a bit we will see more practically what light does for us.

John also tells us why he is telling us this:

1John 2:1 My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin.

John is telling us a key to understanding so we will not sin. Understand – not to be without sin or to be perfect but in effect to not life a life of sin. In our terms: be held hostage by sin. When we are held hostage by sin, we are blinded and we deceive ourselves. Good people doing bad things.

6 If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness,

we lie and do not live by the truth.

Let’s look closer at chapter 2 and understand what is going on.

Verses 1-5 talk about salvation.

Verses 6-11 talk about the Christian life.


applies to me getting saved – in this context

purpose – you will not sin

reality – you will

take heart – Jesus has taken care of you

He is the atonement for or sins. He has taken our place for judgment and made peace with God the Father for us.

Verse 2

Not universalism, automatic salvation. What is means is an opportunity for anyone, anyone to be saved. No one is outside the possibility of being saved. We know we are saved by obeying his commands, by a life change, Not continual – consistent.

Let’s jump back to chapter 1

Light and Darkness.

Properties of light: it Illuminates, I can see where I am going....

Story – camping on the beach.

It was so dark we got lost. We stopped the car, got out made camp and went to sleep. We woke up with a start. Dune buggies were everywhere.

Turns out it was not the best place to camp.

We Needed light.

Light Exposes. It shows our flaws.

Story – Walter Mondale – Ronald Reagan debate.

During the dbate the lights were very bright. Walter looked older, worn out, though he was younger and maybe healthier. Ronald, wore make up, people took him as more competant.

Take these two properties: Illumination, Exposure. This is what Jesus does for us in our lives. Illuminates truth, intellectual. Illuminates righteousness, moral. Exposes the same. This is where we fail.

Control. It gets down to an issue of control. I can claim a whole list of things – and believe I’m in control, But I’m a liar – deceiving even myself.

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