Summary: Christians are called to be radically different from non-Christians. We cannot escape this reality if we choose to be serious followers of Jesus

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Intro: Values and standards

competing against each other

Most western countries are pluralistic

in both RACE and RELIGION

Christianity, Islam, Secularism, Materialism and Cults

all competing for the soul of a country


[Phil. 2:9-11] == "Every knee will bow ..."

Question: John Stott, "Will Christians be able to influence their country so that the values and standards of God’s Kingdom would penetrate the whole national culture?" [The Living Church: Confessions of Lifetime Pastor]

Ps 45:7

God’s people given a purpose

Preaching gospel making disciples

READ: Matt 5:13-16

1/ Christians radically different from non-Christians

Salt and Light

contrast with their opposites

2/ Christians must permeate non-Christian society

Spiritually and morally distinct but

not socially segregated

"let your light shine’ penetrate darkness

salt must penetrate the meat

not meant to store on shelf

3/ Christians can influence and change no-Christian society

Change their environment

Light dispels darkness

salt preserves and adds flavour

CONCLUSION: If house is dark or meat rots, who is to blame?

READ POEM: "I’m Only One (Edward Everett Hale) The Living Church

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