Summary: The sermon encourages us to be good neighbors:Being there for those at Risk, Beware of how you build community, and Daring to Care about Personal Relationships.

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February 19, 2006 Jay Davis Robison LEVITICUS 19:13-18

Good neighbors a gift guess 1st one I remember was Mr. Kelly

Seemed to me to be nicest guy in world We even named him Mr. Greenjeans after neighbor on Capt Kangaroo

Were those who when Micki and I first moved into 1st home

Came brought cakes, & bread welcoming us to neighborhood

Probably best ones were the Tates right next door

Need to understand what it means to be good neighbor?

Jim let dog out to do its business late one night watching TV Remembered to let dog in. opened door, he was shocked!

In his dog’s mouth was his neighbor’s cat, dead!

"Bad dog! BAD DOG!" Took the cat away and looked at it.

Couldn’t bring self to tell neighbor what happened,

So took cat into bathroom washed off all blood & dirt.

It took forever; had to wash it 4 times.

He brushed beautiful white fur blow-dried it put collar on. Dark, he snuck into neighbor’s yard laid cat down on porch, in front of door. Next day saw neighbor. "Hi" neighbor said.

"Hi," Jim nervous. "Something weird happened last night."

"Oh yeah? What’s that?" asked Jim, sweating now.

"Well, my cat died yesterday, so we buried him,

and this morning he was lying on my front porch!"

Neighbors are wonderful gift, hope you have have good ones

Someone said “One cannot define one’s neighbor;

One can only be a neighbor."

What does it mean to do that?

When God teaching us how to live in community

3 Expressions of being good neighbor in Lev 19

At end of each of these said I AM THE LORD !

To be a good neighbor Follow my instructions for I am God


In any community are those who for various reasons at risk

God says pay special attention to those

Sadly many people like Big Daddy Warbucks from Annie

“It doesn’t matter who you run over when climbing the

ladder of success if you don’t plan on coming back down.”

God says if going to be good neighbor be there for those at risk

Vs 13-14 explains what that means 2 illustrations

Vs 13 says don’t cheat your neighbor

Tells of group of day laborers - to be paid each day.

Law said you could hold on to pay for a day

God says day laborers depend on pay today pay right away

Don’t take advantage of someone else even if it’s legal

Do we have compassion for others or take advantage

Principle here is don’t take advantage of another person’s ignorance or helplessness

what if someone gives you back too much change at Walmart

do you say, oh I got them hold on to $5 for self or be honest

Walt Kallestad Phoenix pastor said that happened to him

Went back in store waited in line told cashier

Who said I know I did that I’ve visited your church

Just wanted to see if you really believe all stuff you say

Second example of being neighbor by being there Vs 14

Like what Haddon Robinson said Your neighbor is anyone

whose need you see, whose need you are able to meet.

Show you fear God by not cursing a deaf person

If they are deaf how can you curse them?

They can’t hear you anyhow?

Point is to treat neighbor with dignity and respect

Easy to ridicule people with disabilities poke fun

vs. 14 also says don’t place stumbling block before blind

Just to make them fall,

Part of honoring God is how we treat weakest among us

Respect for God cannot be separated from respect at risk.

Mat 25 what we do to least of these we do to Christ

Do we treat everyone with dignity?

Hurts me when I hear what people say about exceptionals

Those who poke fun are handicapped

Who do you belittle?

Someone with less money, who can’t speak clearly

Someone who does not speak English? With a disability?

God says be there for those at risk

Because, You could be AT RISK ANYTIME

Reality is any of us could lose everything

People here have and listen to their lessons

Elderly Christian lady, lived next to an affirmed atheist,

Woman received a meager social security survivor’s benefit.

Although, had $$ only for most basic meal plans, daily she

would open her windows to give thanks & prayer to GOD.

Once month he SS check was over 2 weeks late, she hurting

Still praised God for taking care of this need

Her neighbor sitting on his porch and overheard her praying

"Lord although I don’t have any food but you will provide!"

Man thought great opportunity to prove to her there no God

He hurried to store, bought a carload of groceries.

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