Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Trust in God provides many benefits: safety and security, endurance, protection from evil, blessings, and peace.

Like a Mountain

Psalm 125:1-5

This psalm is the sixth in the group of fifteen songs of degrees or ascent. Jerusalem is on the mind of the pilgrims as they make their arduous journey to the Holy City for the annual festivals. Jerusalem, build on Mount Zion, has a special place in the hearts and lives of the Israelites. It is their national pride and joy. For them it is the place God has chosen as His dwelling place. Here the psalmist builds on their respect and love for the city to picture in a vivid way the strength that comes to those who trust in the Lord.

I. The power of God will provide safety and security. (1, 2)

A. Those who trust in the Lord are protected like a mountain fortress.

B. Those who trust in the Lord will endure forever.

II. The power of the wicked shall not continually abide. (3)

A. Those who trust in the Lord are protected from outside evil influences.

B. Those who trust in the Lord are protected from inside evil tendencies.

III. The power of prayer releases God’s blessings. (4)

A. What can we expect from God? Good.

B. What does God expect from us? Right living and right thinking

IV. The power of peace brings two benefits. (5)

A. Evil influences will be removed.

B. Wholeness will be granted.

Can you picture a place of perfect security? No worries, no fear, no anxiety. Where on this planet could you find such a place? Nowhere, not even Jerusalem, can offer that kind of atmosphere. So where can we find perfect peace and security? Not in a place but in a person. The key to entering into perfect security is to “trust in the LORD”. It is the Lord who protects and gives peace. It is trust that brings us under His loving and tender care. He will protect us and give us eternal life. He will hold evil at bay and even shield us from our own sinful tendencies. He will do good in our behalf while holding us accountable for our behavior. He will bring us real peace. Will you not by faith enter God’s sanctuary of perfect security today?

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