Summary: The need of the church to go to a helpless world


Numbers 27:16-17; Matthew 9:35-38

Pastor Brian Matherlee

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Two Sunday nights ago I challenged you to find some way to reach out with your faith by deeds. Did anyone take me up on it? Did anyone share their personal faith story?

I. The People of the World are Like Sheep Without a Shepherd (Matthew 9)

1. Jesus went

a. The desperate necessity of the Christian message is that it goes where people need to hear!

b. A poll was conducted questioning how people came to know the Lord. Here are the results:

i. Less than ½ % .........TV or Crusade

1-2% ............. Cold call evangelism

2-4% ............. Church program

3-6% ............. Sunday School

4-6% ............. "Walk-in"

6-8% ............. Minister

74% ............. Friends and relatives

c. On vacation I noticed things I don’t usually notice because I’m not around them very much.

i. The profanity in the airport

ii. The

2. Without Christ life is full of harassment and helplessness

a. It moved Jesus to compassion

b. It didn’t move Jesus to Bible thumping, condescending, “I’m holier than thou” interaction. Remember, in v. 35, he met them where they were and ministered first to what they knew was wrong with them…not what they didn’t know was wrong with them.

c. When we are harassed we aren’t able to think of much more than that which is harassing me. That is what we need to help people with.

d. Jesus said they were like sheep without a shepherd. What is that like?

i. Choose a path on a whim

ii. Vulnerable to predators

iii. Vulnerable to diseases

iv. Vulnerable to pitfalls

v. Eight times the Bible uses the phrase, “Like sheep without a shepherd” and each time it has all or something to do with directionless wandering.

3. Somebody has to do something!

a. It is clear that more people want to watch than do!

b. We have to do two things

i. Pray about people going

ii. Go-I think it is impossible to pray about God sending workers and not have our own hearts touched to do something.

II. The People of the Church can be Like Sheep

Without a Shepherd (Numbers 27)

1. Church needs leadership

a. To bring them out and bring them in

b. It is a picture of natural movement from the worship of God to the service for God

c. It is applying what we’ve learned

2. What do church sheep look like without a shepherd?

a. Don’t have any sense of urgency

b. Don’t have an awareness of the world around them

c. Don’t operate like they have any defense against the big bad wolf

What do I believe God is calling us to?

1. Pray

2. Mentor

3. Serve

4. Share

If we are to do this the local church & pastors must:

1. Pray

2. Promote

3. Prepare

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