Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: These days, people are behaving just like they did before God sent the flood.

Like the Days of Noah

November 17, 2013 Morning Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: These days, people are behaving just like they did before God sent the flood.

Focus Passage: Matthew 24:37-39

Supplemental Passage: Genesis 6:5-8

Introduction: Everything appears “normal” to the eyes of man, the unbeliever. Yet nothing is actually normal in God’s eyes. World-wide, we murder our babies in their wombs and call it “choice” or even a “healthy decision” for women. In America alone, we’ve killed more than 43 million babies since the passage of Roe v Wade in 1973. We allow evil to be called good and good people are criticized for calling it what it is. Homosexuality is called an “alternative lifestyle” and same sex marriage has just been approved in the 15th State. Supporters are excited for the gains it is making in the US. Greed is over the top. We lessen the guilt by calling gambling “gaming” and people choose to buy lottery tickets rather than invest in their retirement. More than $5 billion per year is spent on gambling activities in the US. Drugs are rampant in our society. Mobile meth labs are the bane of every police department and sheriff’s office in the country. 35% of 23-30 yr olds are meth users. Pornography is one of the biggest profit industries in the world, an estimated $13 billion per year in the US alone. One in five mobile phone searches is for porn. What is “normal” to the unbeliever is abnormal, indecent and unrighteous to the regenerate heart.

I. Hearts of Evil

a. God said He was sorry He had made mankind

b. Every thought was for evil

c. Today, there is hardly an organization that hasn’t been tainted by corruption

d. People devise ways of evil

II. Mockers of God & Righteousness

a. In Noah’s day, people mocked him for obeying God

b. They undoubtedly laughed at him for talking about rain and building a boat

c. Today, individual people mock God and governments mock God

d. Today people who obey God are mocked

III. Ignorance of the Signs

a. Noah’s grand building project was noticed by all

b. He probably even had helpers from the people

c. Today, the signs are all around for people to see

d. They dismiss the signs or call them coincidence

Invitation: People banged on the door of the ark to be let in, but God had closed the door Himself. No one was to be let in. Today, Jesus is gently knocking on your door. Won’t you let Him in before it is too late?

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