Summary: God speaks to us everyday through His Holy Spirit. We need to obey and this lesson shows us the blessings we receive.

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The Ultimate Decision

August 4, 2014

I was at a gas station over the weekend and I felt the Holy Spirit ask me to say “Hi” to everyone. As I walked into the store I just made eye contact and said hello. If your hello is genuine you may have brought some light into a dark soul. I said hello to another man pumping gas and asked if he thought it was going to rain. He actually wanted to talk so we said a few words and then I went inside. On my way out the Lord prompted me to give him a couple of my books. I got them out of my trunk and on the way over to the man I was going to say “I felt led to give these to you”, God said, “ No, I want you to tell Him that I told you to give them to Him. So I said:

“Excuse me, the Lord wanted me to give you thesee books. I am a Christian author and I thought you might enjoy reading these.” His entire demeanor changed from one of being nice to one of OK buddy I’ll take them but get out of my way. All he said was in a mean tone was ‘I will give them to my wife, she is the one who likes to read”.

I used to feel bad what man used to think about me but no more. God has used His Holy Spirit to change the insecurities that I have had about what others think of me


I obeyed what God told me and no matter what their reaction was I did what God asked. You and I will never know what seeds we plant will grow. BUT, if we do not plant any seeds then there is a zero percent chance of any harvest.

Galatians 5:16 “So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

The desire of the flesh would be to just fill my car up with gas, not talk or even smile at anyone and then move on. But you know that God speaks to you everyday. You feel Him prompting you to make amends with an enemy, stop and speak to the homeless person instead of just giving money, make things right with your children, boss or co worker and on and on. Each day the Spirit moves within you for God’s perfect purpose. It is different for each person so do not try to emulate someone else’s life. Or do not be enamored with another person’s life. EVERYONE has trials of their own so be content in the perfect person God made you to be,

“Lord please help us to not obey the devils schemes which seem to be an easy life of hiding or only talking to people who can further our careers. When you speak to us Lord help us to obey Instantly. Please through you’re Holy Spirit help us to throw off all that hinders our walk with you. Please help us to stop trying to quit _______ in the flesh (Willpower) and rely upon your Spirit Lord to break every stronghold. Please forgive us for treating your Grace as a license to sin more when we should be training like a Warrior to help bring more people into your Kingdom.” Amen

Go out today and don’t worry what men or women think about you. Just learn from God how munch He loves you, then obey His voice. Once you obey then His blessings will overflow in your life.

Have an awesome day looking and listening to the exciting journey ahead led by the Lord.


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