Summary: Have you ever forgotten something important? Was it important to you or perhaps your spouse. As the years go by, is it harder to remember? Is the long-term memory more fresh in your mind?

I hope I never forget my wife’s birthday, but then how could I? I had major surgery in 2015 on her birthday. It is ingrained in my mind. I will never forget that date but I recently forgot our anniversary for the first time. That’s terrible. Makes you want to be young again, doesn’t it?

They say we go out of this world as we came into it…penniless, unable to feed ourselves, a limited vocabulary (if any) and the need to wear a diaper. I guess if this continues, I will eventually fit into that XL shirt again…

Paul (I am convinced he is the author of Hebrews) starts out in verse one warning us to give earnest heed to the things that we have heard (or learned) lest at any time we should let them slip.

Maybe we need to start taking notes? Maybe we need to work at becoming better listeners.

Often we have what I call “Alligator Ears.” Itsy bitsy ears and great big mouths (show this as you describe it).

What do you say we make it a point to listen and remember what we read this morning and each morning while in God’s Word.

Hebrews 2:1-18

This morning we will attempt to answer three important questions and their answers:

1. Are we listening?

2. What is important to hear?

3. Why will many not hear?

1 - Are we listening?

We are to take earnest to that which was spoken by angels but first by our Lord Jesus and confirmed by those that walked with Him while He walked with them on this earth.

God made sure that there was no confusion about His Son that men would know it was He who sent Him. He gave witness to that through signs, wonders, miracles of all sorts and gifts from His Holy Spirit.

How then are there those who refuse to believe it? It was God’s will that we know His Son and yet many refuse.


Perhaps there is something in our ears that needs to be cleared? Perhaps we need a doctor? Through history there seems to be some problem with our hearing. When we went to school they taught us the three R’s: readin’, ‘riten and ‘rithmetic. Listening was never taught.

Our schools taught and continue to teach us much about those things that hold no value in the long term.

As proof, many believe that Jesus is a myth as in Greek mythology or something like that.

Our God according to many is just another Zeus. But that is so far from the truth. We have listened but to the wrong thing.

2 – What is important to hear?

Did you hear what we just read? How many have heard that message? What message does God want us to hear?

It is this: God made man lower than angels and therefore He also sent Jesus to man to be like man…lower than the angels but yet with the glory and honor due Him. And this we must hear, understand and remember:

Jesus never lost having you and me, the angels and all of creation who were, are and always be subject to Him.

But as a man, He was subject to man and His crucifixion by man. That was God’s will and therefore God’s plan. And for what purpose? Jesus said it best when He said, “I have not come into this world to conquer but instead to save it.

If they really knew the Jesus that I know, they would immediately accept Him as their Savior. But, there is His nemesis that has been put in control of this earth. His nemesis attempted to stop Christ but he was defeated.

This same nemesis has a name and it is Satan. If people do not belong to Jesus, they belong to Satan. He’s their daddy I always have said.

3 - Why will many not hear?

What I find so sad is that Jesus considers all of mankind to be His brothers and sisters (verse 11). Jesus is willing to consider us family and praise us and yet we cannot accept Him as someone who exists! This is what many try to forget. They will go out of their way to set Him out on the curb with the morning’s garbage.

I tell you this. They too will be put out into the streets as garbage when He returns for those that are His true brothers and sisters.

Our Lord Jesus died for us. Verse 14 and 15 speak of exactly that. He has defeated death for you and me by dying first and delivering us from the fear of death. When we die, we are ushered to a new life where there is no more pain and where sin will never affect us again. Why would you risk not having an eternal life like that? It’s crazy I tell you.

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