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Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards that are in bloom.

I have had the privilege of working in a vineyard and do concur with King Solomon over these little foxes that are ruining the vineyards. I had been employed in a horticultural farm where I supervised in the production of passion fruits amongst other horticultural crops. The farm was very large and therefore there was need for ample security to guard against thieves and wild animals from attacking the orchard. The company invested heavily in security so as to ensure they checked the opportunity cost. Did this help much? Fruits were destroyed not by thieves or wild pigs or hippos but by squirrels. The armed guards kept large wild animals at bay but could not curtail the destructive squirrels which could easily hide within the vines. The squirrels made sure that they destroyed only the ripe fruits destined for the export market. The pests were so destructive because they could hide so easily within the branches as they go on enjoying the export fruits.

People tend to concentrate on large issues while the little issues continue to grow into large matters. Prevention is better than cure, they say. There are issues and details that believers need to control. Some of these issues seem minute and harmless but given time, they grow up and mature up into tides which are beyond human control.

Irrelevant jokes, for example, can lead one into sin and therefore believers ought to understand that any loose talk is as dangerous as the venom of a black cobra. Uncontrolled anger and bitterness can also be lethal and ought to be controlled effectively. Ever heard of petting? King Solomon knew much about it when he cautioned the unmarried in Song of Songs 3:5. Do you understand King Solomon had so many wives and concubines and therefore he is very much equipped in this instruction. Many Christians tend to overlook the fact that watching pornographic films, reading of porno -graphing materials and uncalled for sexual arguments and practices can be as destructive to a Christian as an unexploded bomb. Brethren should take care of engaging in discussions that could lead into sin. Take care of these little issues as you keenly take great care of your friends and companions.

The Bible further warns us not to be yoked with unbelievers ( 2 Corinthians 6:14 ). It is common to find Christians in intimate relationships with non-believers. There are boundaries where Christians are not supposed to cross. Those who ignore the precautions ultimately find themselves in chaos. Most of the backsliders have their roots in relationships with the world. Jesus expects us to have no strings attached to the world. That’s the reason why God warned the children of from intermarrying with the nations as they entered the promised land. Those who defied the law found themselves worshipping idols and hence the wrath of God was upon them.

In 2 Kings 4: 18-20, the son of the Shunammite died of only a headache. A headache doesn’t seem a big concern no wonder the father of the son never bothered about the issue. This kind of a presumption is killing many a Christian both physically and spiritually. Somebody somewhere may think an abortion is a small issue, but there’s a lady who after an abortion, failed to realize that the uterus was destroyed with the fetus. Later in her peak life, she desired to get children but she couldn’t conceive because the little abortion ended up traumatizing her life. She had all that a person wished to have but she had no joy, peace and love- I believe you can have the whole world to yourself but when you miss those three virtues you are pitiful site. But there’s Jesus Christ waiting to heal you!

I have experienced a couple who conspired and agreed on an abortion while still schooling and later on after getting married and accepting Christ into their lives, God blessed them with a child, even after the doctors had told them that they would live barren lives.

One pastor lost his wife in a tragic road accident when the vehicle overturned several times after a tyre-burst. What caused the wife’s death? She had ignored the safety belt in which the driver and her husband had secured themselves in. Its common to see people without helmets in motorbikes. Workers who ignore their own safety demands in their industries and many others who take the word of God for granted end up facing dire consequences.

The word of God may look small but in it are treasures whose value cannot be measured - everlasting blessings for all who believe and obey. Jesus said of a mustard seed’ size faith whose impact can move mountains ( Matthew 17:20 ).

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