Summary: Paying attention to how God works in our everyday lives.

Little Things

Intro: How often do we slow down and realize all the magnificent things God does for us everyday?

1: Matt 17:15 the disciples failure

a) a father kneeling before Christ

b) his son with a dire ailment

c) he sought the disciples help in the matter, but to no effect

Point: The man sought out Jesus when the disciples couldn't help the child, Matt17:16 they could not cure him. They asked Jesus why could they not cast out the spirit, the response was because of their unbelief.

2: How could that be?

a) these men entrusted and given the gifts to work miracles

b) the ones who traveled with Christ, had meals with him, done many other wonderous works

c) they had a problem of unbelief, REALLY,

d) How?

Point: Could it be that through all the things they had been through and done, that maybe they began to have more faith in themselves than in Christ? Or maybe they had doubt in their hearts about what they were doing when the spirit didn't heed their command. The scripture doesn't mislead or confuse they had a lack of faith and it hindered there work for Christ.

Body: The mustard seed

1: A small seemingly insignificant seed

a) a seed rarely used in the palestine area

b) a small seed with big potential

c) something little that could have a big impact on it surroundings

Point: Jesus told his disciples if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you can move mountains. Just a little faith can accomplish great things, Matt 13:31-32 says the seed can become a tree and provide shelter for birds of the air. Somethng that little can change the enviroment around it, can be a resting place or safe haven.

2: Go back to he disciples

a) the principleof the mustard seed was applied to the disciples to remind that faith comes by obedience not ability,

b) there unbelief caused failure in their ministry

c) there faith was in question

Point: It's easy to lose sight of the little things, when we consatntly have our eyes on the big picture, to lose perspective of the important everyday blessings that God bestows upon us. To remember that great acts of faith come by trusting and obeying God.

Closing: Moving mountains

1: Faith that changes things

a) getting past hurts and hangups

b) rising above doubt and fear

c) it takes faith as a grain of mustard seed

Conclusion: The little things make the difference in serving God, too many times people get caught up in the glitz and glam of the world. We see things and people doing all kinds of things in God's name and declaring this and that for the kingdom. We ourselves may often put more trust in ourselves and our abilities than in God.

Pay attention to the the little things, and remember it only takes a little to get something big started!!!!!!!!

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