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Summary: “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, and it did not fall, for it was founded on t

Theme: Live according to the Will of God – Infidelity a challenge to the Church

Text: Deut. 11:18, 26-28; Rom. 3:21-25, 28; Matt. 7:21-29

The world has many definitions for a wise person but according to Jesus Christ a wise person is someone who listens to Him and puts into practice what he or she hears. Jesus teaches and illustrates this truth by applying it to the building of a house. Jesus Christ is here not talking about the building of houses with cement, stones and wood but about the building of our lives. The Scriptures actually in various places compares the building of our lives to the construction of a building. It is important to note that the first and most important feature of any solid and permanent building is the foundation. The foundation necessarily sets a limit to the weight and height of the building that is to be erected on it. A weak foundation can only support a small building whereas a strong foundation can support a large building, as there is a fixed relationship between the foundation and the building. Some years ago a neighbour began putting up a one-storey building. Before the completion of the house the owner decided to make it two storeys. With time the building began to settle down on one corner and one day a whole portion of the building collapsed. The reason was simply that the foundation was not strong enough to support the house that was being erected. We often find ourselves behaving in a similar way when it comes to the building of our lives. We fail to lay the proper foundation by not following God’s plan for building our lives. If we would only properly construct our lives we would be able to protect ourselves from the many enemies that would confront and try to destroy us. A properly constructed life will enable us to live according to the will of God and avoid infidelity that has become a challenge to the Church.

The only way to properly build our lives is to build it according to the plan of the one who created us. God definitely has a plan for our lives but we can only have access to His plan by having a relationship with Christ. This is because God is Spirit and we can only relate to Him in Spirit and in truth. Without a relationship with Christ we remain spiritually dead and separated from God and therefore cannot relate with Him. How then can we hear Him? And if we cannot hear Him how can we obey His words? This is the main reason why many people today build their lives according to the plans of the world or their own plans and not according to God’s plan. When it comes to building houses to live in they would spend money and time, and pay architects to design and draw up plans to ensure that their houses are properly constructed. When it comes to building their lives they do not take so much care. They, and this includes Christians, take it for granted and believe that they can build it without God’s plan. They end up building lives that cannot stand the tests and trials of life.

It is only the life that is built according to God’s plan that can stand the tests and trials of life. This detailed plan can be found in the Bible, the Word of God. Many people today, however do not believe that it is God’s plan for their lives because they do not believe that the Bible is the Word of God. They would frequently claim to know God but reject the Bible’s claim to complete authority by citing the fact that it was written by men. Although this is true, the Bible did not originate with men but with God. God controlled, directed and communicated with the spirits and minds of the men who wrote the Bible. This principle has been proved and is evident in the scientific world today. Man has proved that he is capable of building and launching satellites into space and communicating with them millions of miles away, directing their course and giving them instructions that they obey. If man can achieve such results, how can we deny the possibility that God can create human beings with mental and spiritual faculties that He can communicate with and control? It is only the Word of God that can reveal God’s plan for our lives because He is the One who created us and it is only by building our lives according to God’s plan that we can fulfil His divine will for our lives. We cannot do anything better than the One who created us and we cannot build our lives according to God’s plan unless we listen to Him and obey Him. We can only do this when we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Lord. If indeed He were your Saviour and Lord you would enjoy spending time with Him, communicating with Him through prayer and listening to Him through His Word and the Holy Spirit.

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