Summary: All truths lead to Christ our Savior and God.

We continue our study of the Gospel of Luke.

Please open your Bibles to Luke 16….

We will look at only 3 verses today. The passage seems out of place at first glance. But let’s note what major truths we have learned from Luke 14 and 15:

• Jesus was criticized by the Religious Leaders.

• Jesus taught lessons about lost sinners being saved!

• Jesus reprimanded the Religious Leaders of selfishness.

And we will note next week, that after our passage today, Jesus speaks of the reality of heaven and hell. What is Jesus saying in Luke 16:16-18? In order to learn properly, we must keep in mind the context of the passage. This is a must for every Bible Study.

But before reading, let us pray our commitment to God’s Word…..

Read along with me now Luke 16:16-18….

Let us first of all define the terms in this passage:

Law = Gk. Word is nomos – basically the Old Testament

Prophets = Gk. Word is prophetai - person gifted at expositing divine truth (speaking truth)

John – refers to John the Baptist (who prepared the way for the Savior Messiah Jesus Christ)

Good News of the Kingdom? – Luke 1:19, 2:10 = Messiah Savior Jesus Christ

What was Jesus teaching?

1. John the Baptist was God’s Prophet who spoke the truth!

And what did John the Baptist proclaim??

John directed people to Jesus Christ as the Son of God!

2. Jesus affirmed God’s Word and the Prophets.

What does this also indicate?

Jesus affirmed that God speaks through people!

3. The Gift of Salvation has come and many are being added to the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. And if we put v16 and 17 together, Jesus was saying that the Old Testament prophecies are happening; not only has the Messiah come but the Kingdom of God is completely open now for Jews and Non-Jews!

The Jewish Religious Leaders should know this!

4. According to v17, the Bible is eternal because they are God’s Words!

And what was Jesus saying in v18?

5. Jesus affirmed the Old Testament’s view on divorce; God hates divorce!

Remember who Jesus was speaking to? This reminder from the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) was especially directed to the religious leaders who say they believe in God but yet they worship themselves and money! Remember also what Jesus just said in Luke 16:13 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

Jesus also made a note that God’s Word is always applicable unless changed by God. The major change of course is salvation is now through Jesus Christ!

What Biblical Principles can we apply to our lives today?

1. All truths lead to Jesus Christ as God and Savior.

The Bible of the Jews, the Old Testament, leads to Jesus Christ. The prophets of old who were gifted to tell the truth direct people to Christ. The Stars in the sky led the Magi, Wisemen from the East, to Jesus Christ. John the Baptist, the first prophet of God after 400 years of silence prepared the way for Jesus Christ! The world, through the Hebrew society and the Mighty Roman Empire, revealed Jesus Christ as God and savior!

All truths lead to Jesus Christ as God and Savior. Have we personally accepted this truth? If you have never believed this truth, now is the time; there is no time than the present to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and God.

As Believers, are we telling the truths? Another way of thinking about this is this: Are we leading people to Christ with truths? This may sound so simple; but if we really think about it seriously, we can easily mess up with this responsibility given to us by God!

Let me give some examples to think about:

Christmas is coming; a lot of fun to be had; but can we be misleading people to the truth about Jesus Christ with all the things that we do?

We profess to be Followers of Christ but when we go on Facebook or other blogs, we complain, we swear, we cut down people, rather than thinking about leading people to Christ. I like technology to connect with people, especially those away from home; but boy, I have messed up many times with this on Facebook and emails. I try to live with this rule which I’d like to suggest to you as well, “Pray before you post!”

Now, how about when we’re at work or school, do we speak and act to lead people to Christ?

When we’re socializing, will our friends think about Christ from us?

All truths lead to Jesus Christ. Therefore, let us Live in truths, not lies! Lies lead us and those around us to slavery. Truths will set us free!

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