Summary: We should understand that God works in every area of our lives; and most of all He wants us to honor Him and give Him priority to Him in everything we do.

Lives of Worship

Scripture Text: Various Texts; Genesis 12; Exodus 3

Introduction: God used Biblical Characters’ “relationships, circumstances, experiences, and life lessons as a means for preparing them for greater things; which they achieved through worship (Whaley, Called to Worship, 84).” This week I want to help you to understand how the lives of Abraham, Moses, and Joshua show this; and how we can learn from them. (Three men and also three points concerning their worship)

Propositional Statement: We should understand that God works in every area of our lives; and most of all He wants us to honor Him and give Him priority to Him in everything we do.

To help clarify my direction this morning, let me ask you this: What has God taught you in your relationships, in your circumstances and experience that honor Him and give Him priority? Has He taught you that you can rely on Him in tough situations? Are you comfortable taking His guidance when you are in the midst of a stormy situation?

I. Abraham’s Worship

A. Was Divinely Initiated and Motivated (Genesis 12:1-The Worship of God only occurs as He chooses to reveal aspects of His divine purpose and character to human beings through word and deed.)

-We as people seem to believe that Jesus is ‘on the information highway’ these days as one of our many choices in a ‘religious smorgasbord.’ The name Jesus is used as if it is just another option when something is needed. I guarantee you; Jesus is not a fan of being just one deity among many others.

“How would any of us know God had He not revealed Himself to us?” God would still be in far-away transcendent place where none of us would know about Him or have the power to reach Him. In many places of the Old Testament, there is the expression that God is in Heaven and man is on earth. That is a long way away! Had God not revealed Himself to us; none of us would have access to His Mighty Throne.

ILLUS> How many of you are swimmers? Personally, I could maybe do a lap or two in an Olympic-sized pool; but then I would be struggling to stay above water …probably dog-paddling at this point. Can you imagine drowning with no lifeguard on duty? Well, Jesus is like a life-guard! He is there to save us when we are drowning. He takes the initiative to save the un-savable and throws you a life-ring. How important is this that Jesus initiates the relationship? It is sad that so many attempt to keep dog-paddling and do not recognize the authority of His Name to save them; and ultimately sink into the depths. The saving power of Jesus is the only reason that we are saved; and the only reason we are able to worship.

B. Was a Response to God’s Divine Self-Disclosure

-When God does reveal Himself, How do you respond to God? What, among several ways, can respond to Him? What do you want your worship to be?

1. Abraham worshipped God in a lot of ways. Abraham used an altar, he worshipped in the tithe, and he later worshipped God with a blood sacrifice. We don’t normally use an altar or offer blood sacrifices acceptable to God as Abraham did; bit we could respond in an expression of praise. An expression of thanksgiving. Or even active obedience to His directives.

We get up here on Sunday morning (and I might mention that this is one day a week) and sing some songs to help you in the congregation to worship God. We might tend to look at that performance and say, “Wow, that really was good—or maybe it wasn’t so good based on the production value, the voices, etc…. But however we do or don’t sound like your favorite music group; we do only come for one reason, and that is to express our hearts in worship to God!

Do you want your worship to be an expression of praise? When you are singing with us, does it help you to worship God? Maybe it is not your cup of tea? So what are you doing to express yourself in true worship? We do believe in having order in worship and we believe that we should not distract each other in our worship; but we also do not want to prevent you from expressing yourself to God in worship, especially when it helps others worship God too.

ILLUS> One of my favorite things that we learned at a prayer conference a couple years ago was fellowship and agreement in prayer. What a blessing to be in fellowship with other Christians who will agree with you in prayer. Knowing that this prayer is being lifted to Jesus and that you are not the only one that feels that way. Give a demonstration….

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