Summary: This sermon looks at the difference YOU can make in someone’s life - if you are willing.


Have you ever known people who just “lift you up”? People who, just to be in their presence gave you a boost that sent you away with a smile on your face and joy in your heart? I have known many like that and numerous times I have wished that I could do that for others.

I have been down and out before. I have been dejected and depressed. However, after visits to certain homes, I have come away with a new focus and feeling like a million bucks.

I have met some people who, after being in their presence a few minutes and hearing them complain about all their troubles that I went away wonder if I could make through the day myself.

Then I have met people who, if they had any troubles at all, you could never tell it. They make me want to dig a little deeper. They make me feel like I could fight a bear.

Some people, both young and old, have lives that will lift you up both mentally and physically.

I want to share with you today of two men in Acts that had lives that lifted a man up and sent him on his way rejoicing. Follow along in Acts 3:1-10 as I read…

You can have the power to lift people up and send them on their way rejoicing only if you (1) desire it and (2) are willing to pay the price. In the lives of these two men we see three elements demonstrated that gave them the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you are going to make a difference in the lives of others you must be…

I. Someone Who Prays.

A. Peter and John were men of prayer, it was central to their lives.

1. They had been with Jesus and seen Him pray.

a) They had witnessed the power of prayer in His life.

b) They had seen the intensity of His prayer life.

2. They had seen and felt prayer in their own lives.

a) They had just spent the past 10 days in a “prayer meeting” asking the Holy Spirit to come.

b) The result of their “prayer meeting” was that 3,000 souls were saved.

B. People who pray are people who lift other people.

1. They have spent more time with the Father in prayer.

a) They know how to pray because they spent long hours doing it.

b) They can pray and the Father listens and sends the Holy Spirit.

2. There is nothing more lifting than intercessory prayer.

a) A missionary once said that on one day she felt something special…

b) If you want too lift other, then learn how to be an intercessory in prayer.

(1) If you want to help someone out – put them on your prayer list and actually pray for them.

(a) Your pastor.

(b) The solider over seas.

(c) A school teacher.

(d) Someone sick.

(e) Someone who has a sack full of sorrows.

(2) I would rather have the knowledge that people are praying for me then have all the doctors and specialist in the world.

If you are going to make a difference in the lives of others you must be someone who prays, but you also need to be…

II. Someone Who Worships

A. These men, being men of prayer, went up to the temple at the appointed time - They went to worship

1. They could have prayed and worshipped anywhere.

a) But they respected the Temple as a place of worship.

b) They went regularly to it.

2. They were not like many people today:

a) People who stay away because they don’t like something that the church is doing.

(1) Or they don’t like some of the people who attend that church.

(2) Or they have something else to do.

b) They think they won’t be missed and can worship anywhere.

3. These men, at the hour of prayer, went up to worship God.

a) They didn’t agree with temple worship.

(1) They knew that some of the people there were hypocrites and insincere.

(2) They had heard their Master call them hypocrites and “a brood of vipers”.

b) But they went at the appointed time.

(1) Because they wanted to worship God.

B. There are some of you who come to worship here at FBC Runnelstown whose presence lifts others.

1. There are some who come who even inspire me.

a) Mrs. Emma Horn.

b) Mrs. Dovie Carter.

c) Brother Robert Bolling

2. If you want to lift others up, come to church!

a) You might get your opportunity.

If you are going to make a difference in the lives of others you must be someone who prays, someone who worships, but you also need to be…

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