Summary: Do you ever feel like life is a vicious merry-go-round? Why? Paul begins his last portion of Romans by giving application. We are called to live for God; and to show Christ to all that we meet.


- Paul begins his last portion of Romans by giving application

- We are called to live for God; and to show Christ to all that we meet

- Caution: Must understand difference in living with God versus living for God:

-- Living with … a casual acquaintance, treating God like a roommate

-- Living for … completely devoted, you exist to show others who you live for

- The bible says love covers a multitude of sins; today we’ll look for application

- Read Romans 12:9-21 / Pray

Point 1 – What is Love? (9-13) Lots of different answers here … so …

- Asked differently: How do you show love towards one another?

-- God gives us incredible guidance here on how we should treat one another

- Consider the greatest love you have in this world; do you adore it?

-- Or, is it treated casually, something that is convenient when you need it

-- This is really where Paul is headed in this important section of scripture

- V9: Love MUST be sincere (NKJV says, “Let love be without hypocrisy.”)

-- It must be honest; cannot be fabricated; nor can it be forced upon someone

-- When we honor one another above ourselves, it is then that we show agape love

- There is an important aspect here we must be aware of

-- When we serve others, we are freely using the skills God has given us

- Not just a matter of spending time (v10); but fulfilling their needs: “outdo”

-- This is incredible practice for the future because we will forever serve Jesus

- If our eternity will be in constant service to Christ, we ought to serve here

-- Where do we see this in scripture? Rev 22:3, “No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship (NIV uses the word serve) him.” APP: TO BE DEVOTED!

-- TRANS: Our lives should be a reflection of the greatest servant/lover! Why?

Point 2 – Why should you love and serve others?

- APP: We must live a life of service because of JESUS, not b/c of who we are!

- When we serve, we are exemplifying what God has done in our lives

-- It is the output (testimony); the witness of who Jesus is & how He’s changed us

- Being joyful in hope means that we continually look forward; anxious and ready

-- It is not wondering “what’s next”; but knowing we shall be with Jesus (promise)

- If we are patient in affliction, we won’t groan about the challenge (Joe/Stephanie)

-- This is very difficult for most to do because “misery loves company”

-- APP: We are called to love and serve … regardless of how we “feel” about it

- When we are faithful to love, we live a life devoted to fellowship with God

-- This is truly where we see Jesus in one another: Rem: What did He give up?

- Sharing what you have and practicing hospitality are necessities; not options

-- It is what brings us into a closer walk with God; and in turn other people

- TRANS: Ask the obvious question …

Point 3 – How do I live a life of love? (14-21)

- Question: Is it difficult to live a life devoted to others? (pause) Try this:

- Live a life that blesses even your enemies; give them praise and comfort

-- Spend time with those who need a shoulder to cry on; APP: Sacrifice your time

- Offer your neighbors the greatest gift ever … your Savior and His love

-- Get your nose out of the air & spend time with those around you! (not haughty)

- Is this easy to do? Maybe not; but if you never start you’ll never know

-- We are called to live lives that show others who Jesus is to us; not in seclusion

- EX: Do we look to get back at others because they hurt us?

-- Or, do we do everything possible to show them who Jesus is in our lives?

-- IMP: It is a tough road to walk on; but one that Jesus walked to show us how

- HUGE: The Lord says that vengeance is His; and He doesn’t need our help here

-- We are merely called to be kind; to go out of our way; to show love in all things

-- Look at the direction we need to take towards our enemies (Prov 25:21): “If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.”

-- Feed our enemies – no one likes to be hungry, can’t argue with a full mouth

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