3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Inspiration for This Day

"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else."

Its not an uncommon habit for people to often spend so much time finding other people to blame, expending much energy finding excuses for not being all they are capable of being, and then, complain of not having enough energy to put themselves on the line; to grow out of the past, and get on with their lives.

Don't be a person of excuses. Excuses never took anyone very far.

You may sincerely feel someone else; perhaps a friend or family member is responsible for your current situation. Perhaps your excuse for your 'disadvantaged position' is your family background, disability, relationship or lack of finances.

Aren't you tired of blaming others? Aren't you tired of waiting for people, circumstances and chance to elevate your life. Aren't you tired of expending your energy on making excuses instead of producing results?

"The day of my producing results was come, and the time of my breakthrough is come. And I looked, but there was none to help me. And it made me wonder, that none was there even to encourage me. THEREFORE, mine own hands brought help to me and produced results. My new found determination to succeed upheld me all the way"

-Isa. 63: 4-5

Quit making excuses.

Look at people who've been doing that. How much progress have they made over the years?

You're not like them. You'll either find a way or make one.

Today and henceforth, you are not making excuses. You are producing peak results! You are a peak performer.

Take on any task, decision, plans, and pursuits today with the determination to succeed.

You will succeed.


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